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Just A Question!!!

Jul 30, 2008 - 0 comments

I suffer a myriad of illnesses, take my meds as told yet do not really understand why I continue to have sleep issues.  Once again I have been awake all night (woke up about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, now it's 6:44 a.m. Wed.) simply because when I have a morning appointment I simply am unable to sleep. (Today the appointment is @ 10 a.m.)  Thought I had lost this problem altogether, but not so.  I am usually a joyful, easy going person yet if I have any appointment (not neccesarily medical) before noon I simply cannot get to sleep.  I have not posted any Journal entries before but just thought I would today!  Hey - I'm up anyway.  Aww well, just needed to write this down.  Have a blessed day all.  -  Anita

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