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my Cervix =D

May 17, 2010 - 7 comments

I ventured into the world of the cervix this evening, gritting my teeth and going for it. Now I'm one of those people who said no no no to ever doing anything out of the ordinary 'up there'. But desperte times call for desperate measures.

And I need my girls' help!

Okay, it didn't feel too low down, or too high, in reach. And It felt quite hard and the tip of my nose but maybe a little less hard. There felt a distinct 'dimple' i could put my finger over, and the CM was stretchy, very white almost like egg white and stretched like FOREVER. What does this mean?? Ovulation is soon approaching?? Because I thought when you actually ARE...its very hard, maybe impossible to reach the cervix.

If someone can help, thankyou! This is my first time, and I know it takes a while, but I'm desperately trying to find out when/if I've ovulated. thanks!

And oh my god i did what i thought was gross...and actually felt powerful....Mwarrhh harr =D

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by nickieb85, May 17, 2010
Hey it sounds promising! I would say that ovulation is probably within reach (lol) but keep using your opks and go ahead and bed just to be safe! Good luck girl!

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by katymay02, May 17, 2010
I only noticed a difference in my cervix 'height' after I got pregnant (before I knew), it was the hard/soft difference I could notice.  If your cm is stretchy and eggwhite thats a definite positive!!

I didnt enjoy doing it either but it definitely gave me a better idea of when I was going to ovulate! good luck and get 'dancing'!!!


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by frequent_tester, May 17, 2010
i was just totally put off because apaprently the cervix 'disappears' into the wall because its so soft when you are fertile..yet i could definitely feel maybe its a day or two away yet?

Dancin' dancin' dancin' it is then!

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by katymay02, May 17, 2010
I can always feel mine, its only the 'ring around the dimple' (sorry for discription but couldnt think of how else to describe it!) that changes texture... before and after ov its really hard and during ov really spongy.  You can also check if your cervix is open or closed, but I could never really figure that out.

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by frequent_tester, May 17, 2010
oooh okay...well i'll try that next time.

found some very interesting sites about other people trying this and being very squeamish and childish! One called it doing the 'shufty' and a 'rummage'. too crude for my liking lol. I guess its one of those things u have to practise. Well at least im feeling better now I've discovered another way to find out when/if im ovulating! Never knew how relevant it is...shocking as a woman to not know your own body really!

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by xx_Louise_xx, May 18, 2010
Hehe, i know what u mean, when i first started checking it, i was like....ewww..thats just wrong!! Lol...Know i dont even think twice about it!! Do it consistently everyday in your cycle, for one cycle. And then you should be able to tell the diff between soft, hard low and high! Always good to know your body eh,..It does take practise.
But the EW looks very promising, thats fertile mucus, go get busy ;)

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by frequent_tester, May 18, 2010
OH wont know what's hit him now i have my little ray of hope! =D will do an OPK later, and hope hope hope today is the day!

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