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Patm Life

Mar 31, 2016 - 2 comments

Nobody does journal entries, but im just doin this when i have time or bored.  

April 29, just another usual day off from work for me.  These use to b my favorite days, cuz i didnt have to worry about being around alot of ppl at work, but now i find it stressful to do other things now like going to the barbershop, going to a store, mall, and the gym.  Life goes on tho, im doin wut i can to be successful while dealing w patm daily.  How do u balance out the 2?  What a strange health problem to have.  I made changes, lost over 30 lbs so far, stopped all drinking, dont smoke, but now it seems like things are getting worse.  

Money, i feel, is what's keeping me from getting the treatment i feel will solve this issue.  I'm waiting to b approved to work from home, theres always tons of overtime, and im close to ordering my new dj equipment which will bring in even more money than my job.  I went to play ball yesterday and sum1 overhead me saying that i dj.  So i locked in that deal, a wedding in August.  Minimum of 600, but i havn't given the final price yet.  Around 20 guys there at the park all asking for when im gonna start making mixtapes also gave me some comfort knowing ill have different avenues of making money.  All this gives me hope for being cured 1 day.  I miss all the networking i use to do, just look how it paid off yesterday.  I could flourish tremendously if i didnt have patm holding me back.

Just some thoughts from today.

I use to turn down weddings and parties all the time in the past, but now its for my health.  Not to mention, of i find a way, itll also benefit others w this problem by bringing forth the cause of patm.  Ive accepted patm finally, and know i will not b cured if I MYSELF, don't get my *** in gear and make it happen.  I gotta do what i have to. If i meet w sum1 and they get a bad vibe from being in my proximity, therefore losing a deal for a party, club or whatever, than so be it.  Ill just land other deals to make up for it.  

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by LosingMyMind1990, Apr 02, 2016
I'm in sales bro so I completely understand where you're coming from, I never had any worries before.. Always been the outgoing type, always had all the friends and girls.. Lately I have felt like a complete recluse, literally miserable with this unknown condition.. I am so thankful that I found these posts, you are not alone bro.. I know now that I'm not either.. We will push through this. Keep your head up, I went over a year completely oblivious that I was the one causing these symptoms in other people, I honestly almost had a nervous breakdown when I stumbled across all of this. Please keep me updated with your journey, I'm gonna be here for a while until I can get my life back.. I used to be an avid hooper myself, lol just haven't had it in me mentally lately..... Thank you for posting your story..

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by Dj_Choppa, Apr 08, 2016
Me and u are quite alike.  Same goes for me, i am the king of networking and was making new friends everyday at work.  I work w thousands of ppl everyday.  I believe it was u who mentioned in another post u consider yourself a good lookin person, as do i lol.  Im just saying.  Its unfortunate that we, along w all the others, have to suffer w this crap.    Anyways, im glad u found this forum.  Everything u have mentioned is identical to how patm unfolded for me.  Like u said, u were oblivious for a yr till 1 day it hit u all at once.  Same exact timeframe for me.  I believe thats how it is for all of us, we keep observing reactions and symptoms till 1 day we finally realize what we are causing, and its devastating.  I believe we can be cured.  Patm is not killing our body like cancer would do.  Im not losing weight unwillingly.  Keep in touch brutha.

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