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May 17, 2010 - 3 comments

Hey all! I am so sorry for not being online that much. There is truly not enough hours in the day! I hope everyone's pregnancy is progressing on schedule (or early) and healthy and those who are ttc are making progress. So lately i've been reading about labor and birth. I cameacross storiesof babies getting the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck and i am utterly terrified. I know this doesn't happen a lot and women go on to have healthy babies but omg.. I've been having thoughts of chandler swimming around and choking himself. I know it's very morbid but gosh.. I never thought about that. I almost feel like the worryingnever ends lol. Is this normal? I mean so now i'm afreaid everytime he's moving around in there he could get the cord around him.. I am going to send myself to an early grave with worry.

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432779 tn?1364494875
by feather2e, May 18, 2010
I think every pregnant woman goes through the anxiety of thinking something will happen to their baby. Until s/he is in your arms, you will imagine there being problems. Unfortunately this is just the beginning, after you give birth you just have different worries about your children. That is what motherhood is about and if you ask your mum I am sure she will say she still worries about you. Do your best to focus on the positives as the majority of births end with a perfectly healthy baby.

330481 tn?1309488243
by scienceteacher79, May 18, 2010
My little one had it around her neck, she was a little blue when she came out but as soon as they moved the cord she pinked right up! It is a natural thing that happens. The babies are built for the stress of birth. They don't even truly breathe until they are out. I hope your anxieties subside. It is a scary thing: motherhood in general. Enjoy what you have now, don't worry about the what-ifs. You have 20-50 years of the what-ifs after they are born to worry :) Good luck!


PS: It is completely normal to be worried! You never ever stop worrying! Welcome to motherhood :) Just try not to worry too much :)

1150389 tn?1295559187
by TRENIECE, May 18, 2010
Thanks all! I'm so tired of worrying about everything and i know this is just the beginning. Lol

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