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Jul 30, 2008 - 5 comments

Today I have to go to Sacramento...Last night and this morning the pvcs wont let up!Im just really nervous to have to drive by myself..always am but more so when the little suckers are extra bad...its the fear of going in to V tach on the freeway!!!!!!!So im still going,have to live my life..even though its sooo difficult at times just to do that..I try not to be envious of others who can do day to day tasks without even thinking about it!(I cant even imagine how that might feel)??I know you guys understand what I am going through.Do you ever find yourself wishing you had someone elses heart lol?Sometimes I am so desperate If someone offered me a pigs heart Id just might except hehehhehe.Oh well,wish me luck!

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by mabebesc, Aug 01, 2008
I know just how you feel.  I often wish I had someones elses heart!! So many people go about their everyday business never even giving their hearts a thought nad I ams so jealous!  Monday I'm going in for an ablation for SVT which I've lived with for 36 years!  I've finally said no more. I am so scared but I know I have no choice.

I hope your trip to Sacramento went well!


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by kim62, Aug 01, 2008
mababesc,  I wish you luck on the ablation on Monday..I have been thru 2 ablations myself.  The first one I was so scared... but the second one... I was like.." Let's get this done.. let's go!"

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by chevy man, Aug 04, 2008
hey i know how you feel i have a 5 year old and i get to see her on the weekends and sometimes i don't want to be alone with her for fear something will happen

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by martinlee43a, Aug 09, 2008
Good day

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by greendave, Aug 15, 2008
Hi Julie

This is one of my big problems in that driving often is not optional although on some really bad days I can't do it. Recently I was driving my daughter to work and had to return home as I was so scared that I might pass out.
It seeems worse when i have a motorway with limited exits or a long straight dual carriageway  - oddly if I am a passenger I am much better - the driving concentration seems to somehow involve breathing and heartbeat and I just have to get off, get out of the car and walk around. In the bad old days I had beta blockers and I can still taste them under my tongue as i waited for my heartbeat to slow down.
This is one of my unresolved nightmares as I can often be surprised by the feeling even when I strat out OK. I have not yet got an answer for this one.

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