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Question on Naming my twins...please help

May 18, 2010 - 11 comments





please help









I got this idea from Jenn who is having IDENTICAL!!! twins!  How cool is that!

I am having twin ferternal boys OK

My hubby's name is Kurt which is my second favorite name, my very favorite name is Brandon so in my mind the twins would be Brandon & Kurt I feel like both are strong names!
My family and friends have alot of different opinions and one of our friends said that he would worry that the other twin would feel bad because he was not named after his daddy.

But Brandon is my very favorite my explaination was going to be daddy got one choice and mommy got one choice.

My sister said it would be better if I could have significence for the one not named after daddy. If that was the case my favorite historic figure is the person who fought for 6 years straight with a meg-shift army against famin and incermountable odds to make us a country General George Washington (who then became our president) But George is not my favorite name! Are there any historical Brandons maybe I need to look that up. My dad's name is Fredrick which is not my favorite but sounds great as a middle to either or both boys! My father-in-law is also Kurt.

Does anyone here have a situation like this in there family, how has it worked out?

Give me some ideas please.


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1057389 tn?1325465587
by jennlaurin80, May 18, 2010
Any other men in your life you could name the other twin after ? Brandon being the first name since you love it so much and maybe your dad, brother, or grandpa have a  middle name(since your not crazy about the their first name) that would go well with Brandon. Then Brandon wont feel left out. You can tell him that you loved the name Brandon and he is also named after ______ which is where his middle name comes from.

If we have boys i was thinking of using My dads middle name and my father in laws middle names for their middle names. I thought that would make them feel special. My dads middle name is David (very easy to work with) however when my husband told me his dads middle name was Albert i said Oh God NO ! And i cant use his first name because its Francis,and im not to fond of that name. Poor guy, Francis Albert...I would feel bad if i used my dads name for a middle name and not my father in law for the other one, i wouldnt want to hurt his feelings.

If i have girls...which i have such a strong feeling that they are girls...the one that will be named after my husband, i think i will give the other one the name i like so much (isabella) and give her my middle name, which i know u will like because it is Renee :)

I love the name Kurt :)

Good luck, and i would just make a list of names that you both love and take it to the hospital with you and see what u come up with once u meet them, i am pre-planning but have a feeling i could change my mind once i meet them and see their tiny little personality :))
Its so exciting picking out names

1160986 tn?1486819725
by Hopefulcb, May 18, 2010
Both Brandon and Kurt are so cute! Is Kurt short for anything?

1165284 tn?1323455476
by Ready_2_be, May 18, 2010
Hopefulcb, Kurt is just the full first name of my hubby. There is the name Curtis but it is smightly different. My hubby is just Kurt

Jennlaurin: I was thinking for Brandon using the middle name Eric, Brandon Eric. My brother and my hubbies brother are both Eric! Also Jenn, Brianna & Isabella were my favorites! I hope I spelled Brianna right.

Then for baby Kurt, the middle name Fredrick so Kurt Fredrick

I may change my mind a million times before delivery but maybe not! Who knows. This helps alot to hear from you ladies!!!

Thanks, Renee

1098165 tn?1340757237
by Melissa_71, May 19, 2010
Brandon Eric is an awesome name!!!! ( i actually really like Eric) and Kurt { Kurt Russell...tht's all there is to say ; ) }
my coworker changed her twin boys names so many times right before the birth...i did suggest Jack and she did end up using it for one... so far your names sound like keepers!

1165284 tn?1323455476
by Ready_2_be, May 19, 2010
Yeah I may change my mind! Thanks for the encouragement on the names Melissa!!

My brother-in-law Eric says since one is being named after my hubby that the other one needs to be name Sparticus. I told him yeah that's a historical figure, my sister will be happy!!

The other names my brother-in-law has come up with are Hanz & Franz.... (you know muscles heads from Saturdaynight Live!!!Yes he makes me laugh my head off!!!

1098165 tn?1340757237
by Melissa_71, May 19, 2010
lol...Hmmm don't know about rhyming names. so far the ones u chose are great!

689922 tn?1325177863
by cwolf1006, May 19, 2010
How fun for you to be picking names, so exciting! I like both your names, so cute!! You could always do a name like Renden or something similar to your name, so they both can be named after their parents!! I dunno just a thought! Or just use Rene', isn't that Celine Dion's husbands name :) They will be here before you know it!!

1165284 tn?1323455476
by Ready_2_be, May 19, 2010
c wolf, I thought of Rene and I am french so alot of my male cousins have names like Olivier and Michelle, but you would only have to know my hubby for one minute to know that he likes the very masculine names. I am lucky to get away with Brandon. He and his brother like names like Wolfgang,Thore and Arnold because of Schwartenager!  They really make me laugh!  

689922 tn?1325177863
by cwolf1006, May 20, 2010
Men are funny, my hubby told me the other day, "you know all the way back to my great (or was is great great) grandpa we have been named using the first name of the father as the child's middle name" so if we have a girl her middle name will be Patrick (which is his first name), haha I laughed at him and said then I sure hope it's a boy, LOL!!

403255 tn?1278813266
by StressHead, Jul 04, 2010
My twin boys are called Jack and Kalen. Jack is my Dads name. I picked loads of names for twin A (Jack) but their Dad is quite old fashioned and didn't like any of the trendier names. He said he liked Jack and I sad we couldn't use that because my sister (then struggling to get pregnant and about to have her first IVF cycle) said she was going to use Jack because it was her hubbys Grandads name (sound complicated).

Anyway, my sister wasn't even pregnant yet and she might have a girl and I asked and she said she didn't mind. So Jack it was. THEN she got pregnant with a BOY!!! So we have two Jacks and a Kalen. Sounds odd but many Irish families (we're not Irish) call their first borns after the Grandad.

I doubt they will even care when they are older......many boys are called after their Fathers, Grandads and their siblings don't care, it shouldn't be any different for twins.

I would say maybe call twin A Kurt and explain that's how you decided then they can't take it personally.

You'll tie yourself in knots with this one, trust me. Mine were in hospital for the first 10 weeks and everytime I took a soft toy in that was different I worried about what they would think when they were older. I told my Mum I thought I was spending more time with Kalen because I liked his name better and I started to time myself with stop clock at each incubator. EVERYTIME one does something naughty you'll think it's because they don't get enough attention. I just don't think about it anymore. You will LOVE them equally as do all Mum's with more than one child and that is all that matters.

1173196 tn?1292916490
by KarenDiane, Jul 04, 2010
My cousin's first pregnancy was fraternal boys. She gave them their grandfather's first names for their middle names. Her second pregnancy was a boy and she named him after his father. I always thought if I had twins I'd give them the same names but switch them. Like - Kurt Brandon and Brandon Kurt.

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