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psychologist making me mad!

May 20, 2010 - 0 comments

Effexor XR




missed meds

Had a foul moment with my psychologist last week - I'm guessing everyone (?) has these moments - where they don't know where to take the session? He actually said "so what do you want to talk about? I have no idea where to go?" It was after he had just pissed me off majorly so not an entirely unexpected response.
I'm really tired of being told I choose to feel this way, that I choose to think this way. as if some how I enjoy this because of it's familiarity. Well yeah, I enjoy it so much I occasionally plan to kill myself. Geesh.  my Psychiatrist thinks it's all medical/chemical and my psychologist thinks it's all in my head and I reckon it's somewhere in the middle.  

BTW missed meds this morning and had heaps of energy... I have actually noticed that this does happen. I so cannot wait to get off effexor, I'm convinced it's stuffing up my brain in the long term.

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