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Emma's Birth Story

May 20, 2010 - 3 comments

So, we had a bit of an ordeal getting her here, but she's here now and we're thrilled!! On Sunday (the 16th) we went into the hospital at around 3pm. I was dilated to 4 cm, about 60% effaced. I was asked to walk around for an hour or so, which I did. Also got something light to eat, since once you're admitted, you can no longer eat at all. We were admitted after we got back from the walk, although no progress had been made. I got in the tub to ease the pain of my contractions. It helped a lot. Over that time, the contractions weren't coming any stronger and all I wanted was to be at home if it was going to take a while, so we came home. I got a few hours of rest..the next morning we went to wal mart and walked around for a couple of hours. The contractions started getting a little stronger. Got home and was resting for a bit, then the contractions got so bad we couldn't even time them. So, back to the hospital we was about 3 o'clock and they admitted me right away. They got an IV in on the 4th try (apparently I have crooked veins, lol!) I sat on the birthing ball for quite a while hoping for the baby to come down further in my pelvis to finish effacing. I was making progress, but very slowly. Luckily at shift change, I got the nurse I had had the night before. She was surprised at the slow progress (this being my second time having a baby), so she was trying to "guide" the Dr into breaking my water. Did I mention she was the most awesome nurse ever!! After a board of obstetricians approved an induction, they broke my water and were to start pitocin soon after. I got my epidural before they started my pitocin. My nurse (Lindsey) went on break and instructed the nurse covering to start the pitocin drip in 20 minutes. My contractions were becoming regular and more intense, then when Lindsey came back, she said she'd turn up the pitocin drip and we found out it hadn't even been started yet!! The other nurse "forgot" to put it into my IV..Once the pitocin was started things moved quickly. I was throwing up a lot from the pain, which helped to move the baby down. Close to delivery time, I was 8 cm with just a little lip of cervix left. I threw up, and within 5 minutes I was ready to push. I pushed from 2:07 to 2:29 when she came out. The cord was around her neck, which had been preventing her from descending. The Dr also said she looked over, my original dates were prob. correct. I'll finish later, she's hungry....

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919307 tn?1290556219
by AuroraSage, May 20, 2010
WhOoooOP!  I just had a feeling that I should check medhelp!!  

A billion congrats.. you must be so happy to finally meet her.. ;)    Maybe even at 4am.. and 5am.. and even maybe 6am you're still pretty happy about having her out here in the world.. :P

I'm glad that everyone is happy and healthy and hopefully still in one piece.


1123420 tn?1350561158
by ammanda, May 20, 2010
I knew u were having the baby!! Sounds like a good story cant wait to hear the rest.. but take care of that baby first, we will understand, even though im really impatient lol.. congrats

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, May 22, 2010
Yay! I am so glad that she came and that you are both okay! She is a beautiful little girl! Congrats momma!

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