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boy or girl?

Jul 30, 2008 - 3 comments

oh my god..i am absolutely dying to find out the sex of this baby.its so odd that with my first pregnancy i wanted to know but i wasnt as crazed with finding out as i am having dreams nightly about it..i keep searching different old wives tales to try and figure it anyone else making themselves this crazy???lol..honestly i know it doesnt even matter one way or the other so i dont know why i care so much but i really do just wanna know already.i am 15 weeks today so i know by now u can tell..but my anatomy scan isnt until the end of next month...i need some patience....

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427258 tn?1266445242
by natemomma27, Jul 31, 2008
im right there with you! i have two boys and with each one i held out until my u/s without much problem, but now? forget it! im going nuts to know if my final child will be my princess or my prince. i dont find out until sept 5th and i took the earliest appointment in the morning i could get b/c im that impatient! watch them not be able to tell me, ill be devistated!!!!

486679 tn?1234575929
by lolagrl, Jul 31, 2008
man i was thinking the same thing..i dont know what id do with myself...

1232520 tn?1268827271
by mumma2001, Mar 19, 2010
i tried to find out baby didn`t cooprate

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