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scary (vent)

May 21, 2010 - 1 comments

a friend of mine told me a story of an old woman with ms who couldn't feel temperature and burned herself but good in the shower. i sit here, typing with a two inch cut in my pinky finger... i knew i'd broken a glass while washing it, but had no idea i'd cut myself. did about ten minutes of dishes ebfore i noticed. because it was itchy.

now? still itchy.

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by rendean, May 21, 2010
Unfortunately the things you mentioned do happened when the pain receptors and pathways are not functioning properly. In the past 2 weeks with my recent flare, I have cut  myself twice (painlessly) and burnt my right thumb while putting something in the oven and my left pinky ironing. Mt physical therapist checked the sensation in my hands yesterday and I have areas with decreased feeling and some with no feeling.

She told me no cutting(using a knife), no getting anything in or out of the oven and no ironing. She suggested someone check my shower temp before getting in it. All of this in the past 2- 3 weeks. I agree its scary but you just need to be aware of your limitations and take precautions.   I did ask my therapist if she was going to come cook me and  my family since I usually have dinner made when they come home :-)

Be careful and know you aren't alone.


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