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day7 just ended

Dec 26, 2007 - 2 comments

it is 19 minutes after midnight and i am on my way to bed i am going into day 8 today i meat a wonderful lady who has encouraged me to continue doing all that i am doing i have never made it through more than 1-2 days without a pill in 5 yrs here i am thanks to everyone here especially r2r day 8 will begin when i awake and may god allow me and all of the rest of us to remain drug free atleast for another 24 hrd till we have the strenght to add on anothr day!!!!!!!1  good night

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by themrs, Dec 26, 2007
I too am starting Day 8. Congrats and Good Luck. It is definitely hard.


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by msinsane, Dec 27, 2007
thank you themrs Good Luck to you too it is harder than i thought today i realized i need a therapist so i am on my search to find one i wish you the best also

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