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Baby is doing well

Jul 28, 2008 - 1 comments

Yeah, the baby is doing well. Doc used the doppler on me for the first time, but I have been listening at home so I knew all was well. Had blood drawn for the last part of my triple screening, doc said so far so good. I do have one small complaint. If my bladder is full and I sneeze or cough hard then I piddle a little. Very embarrasing. I try not to let my bladder get too full and I have been doing kegel's to see if this helps, but the doc said that since this isn't my first rodeo that my muscles are alot looser than they were before and that it may not help but to keep doing them cause it helps with delivery.

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by Cheesecake7, Jul 31, 2008
Dont you just love the doppler?  I sure do, I think we have one of the better ones!  BTW: you arent alone on the piddle thing.  I noticed that myself, my bladder has to be really full, but yep, happens to me too, so embarrasing!

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