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Appendix Surgery

May 23, 2010 - 1 comments

It started on Monday May 2nd at night, I didn't feel well... had little fever, bad headache, nausea, stomach cramps, vomited two times (so far), and keep having diarrhea over and over again and I took lot of naps as well... then on Tuesday May 3rd, I still had little fever, bad headache, nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea all day long - I also took lot of naps as well then I went bed at 5 PM. I woke up at 10 PM - OH MY GOSH! As I was getting up, I couldn't have my back straight like stand up straight.... I was bending down and my hand were on my right side where the pain were. It was horrible. As I was walking towards bathroom, I had to walk very slow and trying to breathe like inhale and exhale slowly until you know then my boyfriend saw me and said it's definately not food poisioning which I thought thats what it was and said its something else and for me to go ER. I said oh no that wouldn't be necessary and it should go away. So, I went back to bed til 2 AM I woke up in excruciating pain and I cried, cried. I knew something was WRONG and its not normal... it shouldn't be like that at all. Oh, the pain was so BAD and severe than you ever imagine! The pain level is way over 10. I told my boyfriend that I am going to the hospital NOW! Then I arrived in ER 3'o clock in the morning - Wednesday May 4th. When I arrived ER, I was sweating, I was shaking so bad due to the pain, my blood pressure was HIGH. So then... Triage asked me questions you know how that goes and Doctor asked me some questions. Dr ordered several kind of tests such as urine sample (ruled out, no infection), three tube of blood drawn - found little high white cells count (sign of mild infection), then Dr ordered contrast drink (gatorade bottle) EWww, it tasted so horrible. I had to drink all of that in ONE hour. After I drank all in 1 hr then nurse let CT Scan Tech know that I was ready, so nurse told me to go bathroom first - oh thank god, I had to go so BAD because of drinking big bottle of Gatorade. Then I got on wheelchair and wheeled to CT Scan - first CT scan taken (without dye) then second CT Scan with dye. Went back to exam room and waited for an hour. Dr came up to me and said you have Early Appenticis..... will have to call Suregon and to have my appendix removed asap. Nurse came and gave me Morphine IV, two times in different time. Then they admitted me and moved me to other room. At 1 PM, Dr. John - a specialists that handles with medications to sedate patients for surgery. He explained to me what producures that are his job, etc. Then at 2PM, my suregon came in the room and explained to me what he will do by operating and remove appendix out of me, etc. He said that I have higher risk 50/50 to have a pneumonia due to the fact I'm smoker, how long it will be while I'm under sedation (sleep), etc. Then at 2:30 PM, I was moved to other bed that's for OR then wheeled to OR. It was very interesting and new experience to have surgery for the first time and all. Dr. John insert sedation medicine in my IV - within few minutes - fell asleep just like that. After appendix was already removed and then Dr woke me up, asked me how am I feeling? I first thing when I woke up.... OMG!! I cried my eyes and it was very painful, WOW! So, the nurse gave me three Demerol IV under 30 minutes. For those who already has had surgery know what I'm talking about. After I was moved back to the room - nurse asked me how my pain level was I said 7-8 and still in bad pain. So the nurse spoke with doctor and doctor ordered Diluadid 2mg then nurse gave me Diluadid in my IV. I had been having Diluadid every 4 hours. So.... on Thursday May 6th, at 7:15 AM, I told the nurse that Diluadid IV did NOT keep my pain under control that I only had 3 hours total of sleep since, so she spoke with the doctor and doctor changed pain medication and gave me two pills of Percocet 10/325mg (so its 20/650mg) and 1mg of Clonazepam. One hour later, nurse asked me how was my pain and I said the pain level is 2-3 and this one FINALLY this medications did help with my pain and kept my pain under control. ABOUT A TIME! Then my suregon came at 1PM and examined my scar (staples.... 11 of them with about 4 inch incision) and then I got discharged from hospital. Yeah!!! I was glad to go home because I just don't like to stay @ hospital. Dr sent prescription for home are Percocet 10/325 (take 2 every 6 hrs) , Kadian 20 mg take 1 every 12hrs (am and pm) and Clonazepam 1mg, take one 3x a day). I'm getting better.... little improvement by each day. I had dr appt last Friday for follow up. The next appt will be on the 14th to remove staples if its ready by then. Whew. There you go about my horrid experience what I went through.

I had my staples removed last Friday, May 21st. I have glue and steri-strips on it now and it will fall off itself. I will return to work on June 4th. Right now, I am just taking Vicodin ES, take one every 4-6 hours. I'm getting better and better and I would say 90% better now. :o)

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by Sunflower1975, May 23, 2010
don't mind about "last friday follow-up" I just copied from my other site and pasted here to save my time and let you guys know about my appendix surgery. :o)

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