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Experiences With PCOS

May 23, 2010 - 1 comments






















Hi Ladies!

So I am writing this journal entry to hear some of the other ladies experiences with PCOS and how they found out that they had it. As a young member, I am 15 and was diagnosed with PCOS on February 18th, 2010. It's kinda silly actually because I kind of diagnosed myself before visiting my doctor!

I will share my story:

I first started out back in fall and winter feeling very depressed, which was pretty unusual for me. So, I told my dad and he called a counselor named Gloria who I then started seeing. One time when I went into her office, I was VERY upset and I was crying almost over everything. My grades were even showing it. As a straight A and B student, I knew there was something wrong when I started seeing C's. I was always and still am very hard on myself when it comes to grades. So you can see how that would be a problem.

From there, Gloria suggested that maybe I get started on a light dose of antidepressants and she referred me to Dr. Martin. My appointment was set for January 28th, 2010. I went to Dr. M and she said that it did seem to be depression. She started me on the generic form of Celexa (called Citalopram). She also asked about my periods and I told her that I have not had it since October 2009.

She suggested that I go get some blood work done to make sure that all of this isn't related to anything else. I have always had a feeling that I had PCOS after I came across it on the internet. The blood work came back and I had high levels of insulin and testosterone.

I was referred again to an endocrinologist. Bam! There she said it was PCOS and she started me on Metformin to control my insulin which in turn controlled my testosterone. Not long after, AF arrived again.

Now I fine and taking my antidepressants, Metformin, and One-A-Day Teen Advantage to take care of anything else.

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by Nat_16, May 23, 2010
Well, my diagnosis was very different than yours!!  It started back in december of 2008 a few weeks before my 18th birthday, I woke up at 5am one morning and vommitted everywhere annd had the most horrible pains.  I went to the dr who said it was just a bug.  He gave me an injection to stop me being sick and sent me home.  13 hours later I was still being sick and throwing up everything I had - I couldnt even keep water down.  So, I was dehydrated because i hadnt had any fluids for 13 hours and passed out.  I went to emergency, they ran some tests and found it wasnt a bug, I had a large cyst on my ovary which had a little leak in it and was leaking into the surrounding area.  So, they ran bloods and did more tests and came back a few hours later with the diagnosis of PCOS.  I ended up having that cyst removed Jan 2009 as it got far too big and painful.

Quite uneventful really.  Been on the pill ever since in the hope that keeping my period regular will delay the formation of another cyst.  I gotta live in hope!!!!

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