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Jul 31, 2008 - 4 comments

Still feeling real changes, except now my joints seem to be getting worse (at least the ones in my hands), I have developed a slight reddish skin rash along my forearms, and my right clavicle is slowly getting bigger/pointer (though still hard)...maybe this has something to do with my thymus? Or maybe it's just more joint swelling--though it's only on my right side, which is coincidentally the same side that has neck swelling/soreness/tightness, whereas the swollen joints are on both sides of my body (both hands, feet, etc.).

I also see "floaters" a bit more than I used to, and I've noticed that at night, when I'm in my car and the lights are reflecting off of signs and whatnot, not only does this hurt to look at (my eyes are becoming very photosensitive), but if I stare for longer than a second, I'll see a second image lightly and fuzzily forming behind the first image. This usually only happens with the roadsigns, though, because they're reflecting so much light so brightly.

Appointment with the endocrinologist is on August 5th...and I cannot wait.

Most recent bloodwork came back normal for estrogen, prolactin, FSH, and "hormone" (testosterone, maybe???), and the doctor never bothered testing my TSH again arghhhhhhh.

I just want to get well; I've felt so sick since early April and it's slowly ruining my life. This has to end, preferably sooner rather than later. :(

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487969 tn?1249316891
by mommy2two2008, Jul 31, 2008
Jules - Have you called the doctor about the skin rash?  I think there is a thread on skin rash recently on the thyroid board.  Would check it out if I were you.  Also, AND I AM PROBABLY WRONG.... isn't a skin rash associated with hyper?

487969 tn?1249316891
by mommy2two2008, Jul 31, 2008
I just read back and was wrong I think - its hypo.

One other thing - a friend of mine's child was just in the hosp. for viral Hep A and he got a strange symptom of it - skin rash.  They caught the problem after his liver enzymes were skyrocketed.  Have you had a cbc?

534785 tn?1329595808
by Jules77733, Aug 01, 2008
Hey, thanks for your comments--I did check out the posts on the forum but my rash seems to be fairly light, and I'm not sure what it's associated with (I think I'm hyper, but I feel like my bloodwork is always hypo...maybe I should have antibodies reconfirmed or something).

I've had two CBCs done this summer; one was routine and for my internship, the other was at the request of my second GP. Everything was normal and while I tried to correlate the levels between both sets of bloodwork, the ranges were so different that I had a lot of trouble doing it and couldn't come up with much, except that my BUN was borderline low, my urine pH was borderline low, and my bilirubin seemed a-ok. These normal values are really messing everything up! I need a SIGN from my body (besides TSH) so I can figure out what's going on lol.

I really think I should get the ESR, TSH, TSI, T3 reuptake, T3, fT3, and antibodies tested. I just need a doctor to write a script for it, and none of them seem to care much because they feel stupid when they try to figure out what's going on. I think a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think I need a picture of my whole body--pronto!!!

487969 tn?1249316891
by mommy2two2008, Aug 05, 2008
Update on the endo please!!! LOL - I sent you a note I saw your "mood swing".  Let's compare notes on stupid endo jabber. ~Kim

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