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Dec 27, 2007 - 2 comments

wow! i read my last entry and its so hard to believe i was so sick at that time. My doctors at the UW had no clue so they sent me home then i was so much sicker and went to one of the local hospital ER and almost begged them to just knock my *** out please! They made me comfortable (finally) and started pushin in the fluid through my port. There was a doctor on the floor i was on and he investigated me more to see what was making me so sick and what do ya know-he found out!!! My liver was "dumping", i was very dehydrated and weak and the pain was not even close to being under control. My doctors basically "plugged up" my liver.  If this one small-town doctor didn't look further into my medical records then i might be dead by now or close to it.  i've gained about 8 pounds back of the 31 i lost. The last 3 days i have been making up for being sick!! Actually i'm still really weak and really tired but i feel back to myself now and when mom is doing good then everyone else is doing good!! isn't it how that works!  Thank you to those who sent their kind words. it really does mean so much that others on here understand and i get so pumped when i see i have something in my inbox!! Hey Sunny - i'm back!! I'm writing ya now!! Great big hug to ya all!!

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by Sunny602, Dec 27, 2007
OMG YOU ARE BACK!!! I have been soo worried about you!! I am so glad that the docs figured you out...good god, you have been through hell. You need to stay out of trouble can't be worrying me like that 'kay???LOL! How are the kiddies and your sweet hubby doing? What a great gift...seeing you back home with all of your family. Yahhooo!! I will be writing you later, just wanted to let you know that I am so relieved to see you up and running again my friend. Hugs and more hugs, Sunny :)

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by kaylanfallaw, Jan 08, 2008
im glad you are back

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