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Almost There

May 23, 2010 - 1 comments

Now at only 5mg per day,and trying to figure out when to jump off.Got one week holidays booked off work at end of June,but don't want to wait that long.

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by sickofit586, May 27, 2010
Almost There,thanks you answered my question.We are happy with the amount now and plan to stay there.So with you how long did you stay on 30 mgs methadone before you started to cut back.And why did you stay on for five years.Was that a personal thing or was that all they would allow.The councillor that we have is very new to this and she really don't know much about drugs.We live in Canada and also on an Island that hasn't had to deal much with drugs.Its always been alcohol,Infact we only go to a GP doctor for the methadone.They do have a clinic but only been open since 2006 and they have a wait of almost 8 months(not kidding either).We got in early because we both have hep-c.They never gave us a councillor for methadone,we went and got a councillor before we got clean from the oxy's.We are her second ones that she has ever talk to about methadone.The first one lasted 1 week and drop out but we are here because we wanted to be here.We have been doing drugs along time and our body's are tried and we are too.We have tried so many times to clean-up but we are *****'s and I don't mean to sound like a wimpy but we are.But for us to be away from this for two weeks is a great big thing.So if its taking methadone or robbing drug store's.I will take the Methadone once a day for the rest of my life.And plus I can wear short sleeve shirt too  LOL I laugh now but if you would have heard me a month ago on this site it was a different tune altogether.But we do plan on coming off,of this too but not to go back to where we were either.Thanks for letting me vent abit and I wish you the best of luck and you are in our prays too

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