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My Appointment with the Endocrinologist

May 24, 2010 - 0 comments









elevated TSH


pipe dream

I'll keep this one as brief as I can since most of my journal entries end up being novels, or at least short stories. They're definitely not best-sellers, though.

I saw my endocrinologist last Thursday and she was sickeningly pleasant, as always. She was surprised that I was actually taking my 50 mcg Levothyroxine when I had my bloodwork done 3 weeks ago, because my TSH came back elevated (big surprise...NOT) by 0.9...which makes it 5.9, I guess. Basically, her theory is that my thyroid is slowly "conking out", and I'll likely need continuous adjustments to my medication over time. She upped my dose to 75 mcg Levothyroxine daily, but didn't see a need to measure FT4, FT3, total T4, or total T3. She also didn't see a need for a thyroid ultrasound, as she said the upcoming MRI of my neck will pick up any problems with my thyroid. Lovely, I sure hope the radiologist notices anything out of the ordinary with my thyroid even though the MRI wasn't ordered for my thyroid.

I told her about all my symptoms, most of which have been around for awhile: tremor, dry skin, brittle nails, constipation, extreme fatigue, double vision at night, weight gain, joint swelling and pain, lump in throat, and the newest one--insomnia. She was surprised to hear "insomnia", but didn't offer any explanation or her opinion on this new symptom. I guess my brain is just awake all the time...maybe because my body's always in pain or something, like my sleep doctor suggested.

My endocrinologist also said that my thyroid being slightly enlarged/tender and heterogeneous in nature on my June 2008 ultrasound was indicative of Hashimoto's, which she thinks I probably have but haven't tested positive for, yet (antibodies). Since my mom's thyroid antibodies are becoming elevated, I suspect that mine will one day, too.

As for the nerve damage near my thyroid, she was pretty surprised to hear about this but said the only way my thyroid could cause this is if it were to be thyroid cancer, in which case we'd see a solitary nodule upon imaging. I guess that means the damage is likely neurological. What a shame convincing my neurologist of this won't be nearly as easy as typing it out was!

And that's the skinny on my appointment. I'll see her again in 2 months after another TSH check to see if my new Levothyroxine dose is working to combat the hypothyroidism. HAH! I KNEW it wasn't transient!!! Just like I knew the lump in my throat wasn't 'make-believe'! If my doctors started listening to me, maybe I'd actually be diagnosed by now...oh, what a pipe dream!

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