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another day

May 24, 2010 - 0 comments

Working today. Seems I take one day at a time when it comes to work anymore. I don't even pay attention to my schedule for the week. To overwhelming. If I get through my shift today I am happy and exhasted (and head straight for the couch to nap when I get home) and and I hope to do it again tomorrow.That's how I do it.....Thank god I have an amazing husband and understanding children that let mom relax and they take care of the house and dinner. Without them this place would be a wreck.

Appointment tomorrow with my Neurologist. Followup after my trip to the Er with a headache from Hell last Wed. I am going to bring up CM and see how well it is taken. Up untill now she states I am normal and is all about medications to control the mystery headaches and plan A, B, C, etc. Heres wishing myself luck.

Lots of tremors last night. and didn't really sleep well. Headache not as intense right now as it was yesterday. Bad day yesterday. The partial vertigo is coming back. Not a full spin, but only about an 1/8 of the way. Just enough to notice movement but not enough to cause spinning or nausea. Still don't like it.

Well time to get myself together and get ready to face the day and the public.....

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