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One Day Sober.

May 25, 2010 - 2 comments

So its 11pm.. just got home from work, I have an epic headache :( ! my nose still stuffy & throat still hurts i have the sakes a bit & my neck and fore head is really warm . Work aside from the pain .. was okai. I feel like i should eat something but im not hungry really.. ive lost 5 pounds this week. how i have no idea.. im assuming its the e.
I hope i sleep good tonight because last night was horrible. & i also had a dream someone was drowning me. ( one of my bigest fears is drowning) i woke up coughing . but im pretty sure ill be up another few hours. Tomorrows my day off . so thank god for that ! . hope i get to sleep in !!. So im getting off. gunna try & get rid this headache .

ShareBearx ~ BALLIN !!

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by SOURKREME, May 25, 2010
You need to get a little bit of something in you so you can sleep in a little bit in the morning..Whemever I get sick Nyquil is my first choice and it has never let me down, it always works..

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by ShareBearx, May 26, 2010
Thanks ! Ill try that :)

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