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6DPO and NEVER have I wanted to throw up like that

May 27, 2010 - 7 comments

Writing this now ready for tomorrow, just heard a hilarious thing over on Baby and Bump:

Arctic Baby: Make myself *** with a dildo to suck in those spermies. There ive said it . Anyone try this?

squat18_02: I've heard that more than once, that if we orgasm after our oh the contractions within the uterus can help move the sperm up thru the cervix and uterus. Or something like that!! I say give it a shot, it can't hurt!

my tip of the day LMAO =D

UPDATE 8.15am:

So I start to wake, and I get this bubbling feeling....I ignore it a little, starting to roll back over. And there it is. The urge to hurl. NEVER EVER EVER have I EVER had that feeling before, let alone barely before I've even woken up. I have never run to the bathroom so fast in my life!!! And of course, nothing...yet. My mouth was a swimming pool of saliva though, and I quickly realised I needed to pee simultaneously. How messed up is that. So I'm now curled up on the sofa....still feeling like I need to retch, but at least its not a sensation thats hurling me out of bed. HORRIBLE!!!

Maybe I ate too much chinese last night,,,,but NEVER in all the times I've overdone it (i sound like a fat pig now!) have I woken up feeling like that.

Most horrible feeling in the world. I'm now going to spend the rest of the morning curled up, as I have a strong sense the urge is going to hit again in about 20 minutes =-[

I'm going to have to put this down under nausea....doesnt even begin to describe it lol. more like torture. Was sooo comfy in bed!!!! =-[

OH and you guessed it, no temp again!! Had to have a drink and tell the OH who thought I was running away haha. I laid back down and got a temp of 36.3 as yet another ball park figure... *sigh*

11am - checked god its SO low!! and everything around it feels very lumpy and bumpy!!! Very odd for me today! Still creamy, thought i'd be dry by now but this is my first month =-]

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1219499 tn?1410749730
by dscoqn, May 27, 2010
Hahahahaha fantastic!

I've read it's good if you both *** at the same time because of the contractions carrying the sperm up.  But how often does that happen!!  I guess the dildo makes sense LOL

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by frequent_tester, May 28, 2010
haha...its certainly a technique we will have to work in...somehow. I can safely say I dont have pocession of such an object and OH never goes down there after the deed has been done! =D when theres a will theres a way haha.

I've aded a bit more now...had a pretty traumatic 6DPO morning i couldnt not write about....

1145691 tn?1291478338
by MissmyAngel, May 28, 2010
Hmm, sounds like theres a possibility that you hit the jackpot! Hope so!

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by frequent_tester, May 28, 2010
hmmm 6DPO sounds waaay too its keeping me grounded from getting hopeful!!! By 6pm I felt fine again!! Weird

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by Caralea, May 28, 2010
I was nauseated pretty early in my TWW and came out with a faint positive two weeks later.. GOOD LUCK!!

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by frequent_tester, May 28, 2010
thanks...we'll see! will keep you posted. future episodes would displease me, but make me more inclined to consider it lol

1262436 tn?1341396687
by katymay02, May 28, 2010
Really hoping this is a sign for you! I had some very strange cm the month i got pregnant, and never became 'dry' as usual so hopefully another sign for you :) fingers crossed for you  :) xxxxx

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