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feeding friendsy

May 20, 2016 - 1 comments

Omg I'm already so tired of looking at my recent questions ... dreadful. Downright Dread scottish

I guess there's only one choice  GO PUBLIC! !!!!

public forum Meegy

Ya don't I you know it!

BTW Meegy *anything* is enough to make you relapse!

Shut up! !!

Ok goodnight ski

Love y'all love ya 16




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by Jade59, May 20, 2016
Hey honey, thanks for your status.  Ha, I hear you with looking at the recent questions.  Although what I see above them, is something called "My Health Feed"...with redundant info about my trackers.  To get rid of that Health Feed, I will have to delete the trackers...something I was going to do anyway.  I do hope you go 'Public' (again), Meegy.  Although you are a friend who's page I would check for new j's anyway.  I realize not many people write in their journals, so not hard to keep up with a few.  

I keep clicking on My MedHelp out of habit.  I miss the Feed so much.  I'm trying not to think about it, though, it just makes me more depressed about it all.  I guess it must be true that not a lot of people used their Home Page, otherwise there would be more of an uproar.  

Love you honey.  Stay strong! (although I'm one to talk).  

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