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Aug 02, 2008 - 3 comments






Went in for Myofascial Release (intense massage of your ovaries, etc.) to prepare for next IUI as suggested by my Acupuncturist ~

Day after (2am) produced a huge clot ~ almost like a miscarriage ~ called acupuncturist & asked RE ~ was told it's normal, that it gets your blood flowing better and releases any blockages you may have (BOY DID IT ~ ewwee.....(TMI))..

Went for IUI this past Monday, and HOPING it really takes.....time keeps ticking away ~

Should I go for another release if this round doesn't work?  Should I continue these IUI rounds or go for the big IVF?  Am I ever going to have another baby?

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by SeattleRed, Aug 04, 2008
Hi there

I just stumbled across this as I'm reading up on timing and IUI (just had my first on Saturday). I was going to do Mayan abdominal massage first, but the timing didn't work out. Could you tell me more about your massage? How did it feel? Why was it recommended? What were the results? ETc...I'm really interested in possibly doing this next round if this one doesn't work.  


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by SANIGSTOOO, Aug 08, 2008
Hey ~ sorry I didn't get back to you ~ it felt like everything inside (and out) was being stretched ~ pinching if you would ~ as she went along ~  don't know if you've been through any deep massage, but when you go through it you actually have to try and put your mind in another place as to avoid "feeling" the pain ~ they have the feng shui music playing during the massage which is nice, but you have to practice putting your mind in another place during the massage because it's intense and if you don't you'll tense up your body from the pain being caused ~ I was referred to the masseuse by my acupuncturist ~ she felt there was as blockage in my bladder preventing me from becoming pregnant ~ she had done some pressure points w/the needles, and light myofascial release, but felt this woman would help me alot better ~ oh, and don't forget to cleanse your system with TONS of water after all massages to prevent any problems ~....

I haven't been back since due to getting the IUI Monday before last ~ going for my BW on Monday ~ how did yours come out..??'s wishing MEGA SSBD to BOTH of us!!!!

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by SeattleRed, Aug 13, 2008
Hey it's Tuesday and I'm wondering how everything went yesterday with the BW?!  Sending lots of baby dust and positive thoughts your way! I'm hoping the best for you. Keep me posted...

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