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Tuesday 18th May 2010

May 29, 2010 - 1 comments



Chest Pain




Back pain

Went to my normal G.P yesterday and got a new script for oxycontin He wanted to put me back on just panadol forte and I nearly laughed in his face. I really don't think he get's that my pain is getting worse by the day and cutting back on the pain med's isn't going to do anything for me. I had started having sharp, stabbing left sided chest pain the night before and it was quite bad still when I saw the doctor so I got admitted to hospital. I had to have aspirin and a blood thinner shot. Was kept for observation for 24 hours and had a chest x-ray, multiple ECG's and D Dimmer blood tests done to compare the results over the 24 hours. Was also given morphine for the pain and 2.5mg didn't work so I was given another 2.5mg about half and hour later. It helped my chest pain bit but didn't even touch my lower abdo, pelvic and back pain, and that was with my oxyxontin and panadol as well! All the tests for my heart came back fine and I was discharged today. Will have to go back to my G.P in a week or so and he will arange for an ECHO and to see a cardiologist.

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by ska4life1986, May 29, 2010
hi had a very simalar experience with the cheast pains my tests also came back clear they did heart trace as well its weird at the time they never picked up on the dermoid i was after having suregry for gall bladder the week before and they put  it down to a bad internal infection 3 months later got severe pain again and then they discovered dermoid rupture i know in my heart it was the dermoid then ,i will pray for you you are sick now a long time its draging on for you .

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