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Friday 28th May 2010

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Back to the G.P today to get a new script for painkillers. It is such a pain having to go every 10 days. My pain that is deep in my tail bone has been excruciating the last 5 days and even with all the pain med's that I have been taking , they are not even touching the pain. I have been beside myself the last 5 days, because of the pain but also because I am just so over it and am scared of the time before surgery if my pain is going to be at this level all the time for the next 7 and a half weeks. As soon as I walked in the doctors and he asked how I was I just broke down crying, and explained to him how bad my pain is getting and that it is so hard to deal with. He has given me oxyxcontin again as well as endone again to take for breakthrough pain between the oxycontin. I also take 2 panadol every 4 hours and he suggested nurophen as well as it may help as it is an anti-inflammatory. I think I really needed to just breakdown and let him really see how much pain I am in and how it is affecting me and my quality of life. I usually try to keep a brave face so maybe he didn't think I was really in a lot of pain. As I had the chest pain, I am being referred to a cardiologist, I really think it is referred pain from the mass as I had chest pain just before an ovarian cyst was found a few years ago. All tests I had for the chest pain were fine so I hope it is the same thing this time. I don't want there to be a problem and it affects my surgery. But I guess it is better to be safe then sorry when it comes to chest pain and surgery :) I explained to my G.P that I am concerned about how I am going to get through the next 7 weeks until surgery when my pain is getting worse each day, so I am being referred to a pain management specialist as well. As with the increase in tail bone pain, I think it is just the mass pressing on nerves or something but I have to have an x-ray and also go to physiotherapy. Depending on the results of these things, I may have to see a neurosurgeon, to determine weather a CT scan is in order or just and MRI. It seems like a huge stuff around, I don't get why I can't just get a CT scan. I've been told it's because of the radiation to the pelvis, and risks of infertility and because of my age they don't like to be quick to order CT scan. So, all in all, I have had my med's increased, which is helping a little, I have to have a lumbar x-ray, see a cardiologist, see a pain management specialist, go to physiotherapy and possibly see a neurosurgeon.  It tires me out just thinking about it, just getting up and having a shower everyday is exhausting. :)

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