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The guessing game begins

May 29, 2010 - 0 comments

So for a couple of weeks now things haven't been the norm. We have begun to suspect pregnancy but have definitely had our let downs. We have been trying for a while... I usually have irregular periods. We were told that means its unpredictable when i ovulate. We have one child already so we are soo blessed. But the month of March and April i had very painful periods which were new for me. But the fact that these periods were at the same time both months, had normal period symptoms that i never had, were hope when i was starting to feel desperate. I hate that feeling, I want to be happy with my life no matter what. SOO, we think huh, two normal ones, lets figure out when i would ovulate if this is them trying to regulate. ANND here i am writing this random entry. Somewhere between April 20th to the 28th we think i ovulated. I am so damn tired i want to laugh, My nipples (errr, sorry) are almost black! (please dont fall off LOL). My lower abdomen had this weird stretching sensation sometimes and feels more firm. My breast are sore sometimes and feel heavy. My areolas are sorta different. But im not sure about those. And i havent really been wanting to eat any tomato products. And sandwichs are not my go to meals but i have been eating them alot more. Now i have felt tiny passin twinges of ickiness yesterday and the day befoer but today, oh boy, did today get my momdar up! I was in the chinese restaurant and i noticed that the noodles tasted, gosh, just soo delicious. Which i never thought before. Then my fave dish still tasted good but i kind of got this feeling like, huh, there is just something about this that i dont want or dont like. Being in total denial i ignored the SLIGHT sensation and was then promptly smacked upside the face with HOLY COW I DONT FEEL GOOD FREEZE OR YOUR GONNA BARF. (ahem, sorry, tmi). Sooo i think i need to bite the bullet and take the test in a couple of days because i did have hyperemesis gravidarum with my first pregnancy. Which by the way is the whole reason i cant remember any of the smaller signals. Once i got sick i could only survive. For any who dont know, HG affects 1 in 200 women. Its NOT just morning sickness. Its unrelenting and severe nausea and/or vomiting to the point where it interferes with your daily life, you lose 5% of your weight and you cannot sustain your good health. I was hospitalized twice. Very VERY hard and scary. And yes i am scared to get sick again. But i did it once i can do it again. Ahh there are lots more little things but i feel like im rambling so i will write more later. Lots of love and baby dust.

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