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Still guessing

May 30, 2010 - 0 comments

So, an update on my symptoms of being prego. I had my hubby go and pick me up some Hardees. (ew, i know but it was the only place open that could get me some meat!) My fave is usually their curly fries. But not tonight obviously. I did get sick feeling again and this time there was no way i could explain it all away. I will be taking a test this monday! Which will be what? The 31st? Soo wish me luck, i so want that BFP. I guess it will be a good thing to find out either way. Because i would be irresponsible if i didnt find out soon enough to get into a Dr. before my HG possibly sets in. I can no longer say i havent felt the beginnings of possible morning sickness, i have had it what? 3 or 4 days in a row now. Today being the worst.  OH and did anyone know that you can break a pregnancy test by peeing on it too much? It floods it, wow. That got me pretty steamed since it was incredibly hard to get up the courage to take the last test i had.. Now i have to buy more lol. Well i had better head to bed since im not feeling to hot. Best of luck my friends.

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