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OO More pregnancy signs

May 30, 2010 - 0 comments

Ok, have any of yall ever woke up in the morning and just felt like you were pregnant? I mean i have been feeling it more and more every day that passes. Also we went to chi fai again today and i felt really bad again. I think the feeling was pronounced because i didnt sleep well at all last night but it got me jumping around (definitely not literally) saying ok, time to stop by wal mart. I bought a test cuz i broke the last one. I also got seabands. You know, those things you wear around your wrists that push on the inner wrist to help with m/s. They work a little bit but wont be noticeable if you are super sick. So needless to say i felt pretty bad. I am ok right now though and am sipping on some tea with a ginger chew melted in it. (just put it in your boiling water). Works best with white tea or something light. Not the dark browns or black, they block the antinausea properties a little bit. Yea.... i absorbed loads of pregnancy stuff over the last 2 weeks LOL. Ok, anywayz, i test tomorrow so everyone send me some sticky baby dust and pray for me. This computer is making me feel like i do when i get car sick. UGH!

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