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Seizures - Rt Temporal Lobe

Aug 02, 2008 - 0 comments

temporal lobe













I was diagnosed as having simple and partial complex seizres in 2001 after experiencing a Tonic Clonic seizure on the soocer field - I was coaching. I have been on seven different medications for my seizures with no relief.

I now have to use a walker due to gait ataxia, I went through eight physical therapy sessions and was advised more would not helf and to continue the use of he walker due to high risk of falls.

After two "normal MRI's" 10/08/02 stated "incidental finding is increased signal intensity of the mucosa involving the sphenoid sinuses, both right and left maxillary sinues, and to a small degree, the ethmoid sinuses.
Impression no abnormalities. Mild chronic pansinuitis. On 620/03 again mild ethmoid sinusitis, otherwise normal MRI.

On 1/17/08 I underwent another MRI at a different facility this one showed, "There is a single focus of high intensity on FLAIR and T-2 Weighted images in the subcortical white matter of the right insula. Unremarkable MRI. Moderate right maxillary sinusitis."

I am now awaiting a comparison of all three films - it seems the place where I had the first two done can not locate my films.

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