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I can't take this much longer

Aug 02, 2008 - 2 comments

sunny days i wish i could enjoy, but because my brain ***** i can't... Im tired so very tired... i look at all these other ppl around me and they are fine and enjoy their lives... why can't that be me?? WHY??

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by extrmeski, Aug 02, 2008
Oh my we have similar thoughts you and I..  I feel exactly the same way, why can't I be one of the happy people that seem to not have a care in the world?  Everyday is just a @[email protected]$ struggle.  I feel like I am not living at all just existing!

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by DaveINFlames, Aug 14, 2008
Hi Charlotterose,

First tip from me, Book yourself a private Massage.. forget a bout the kids for a day and just relax... i downloaded some relaxation Music specifically for anxiety, its guided instructions how to breathe, and calm down.. i listen every night before bead, and it helps alot..


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