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May 30, 2010 - 0 comments

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Eating disorders

I got in a huge fight with my mom over a small thing. My cousin Dallas, who is still asleep, tried cleaning my room yesterday. I told her she didn't have to. In fact, i didn't want her to. I lose things when it's clean. So i told nana that i didn't want her to. Nana flipped at me, saying how she was a one-time chance cause not many people don't want to help me clean my room, but i was in a bad mood already, and with anger issues, i screamed at her. I was about to throw the glass that was in my hand at her, when my mom got home from a work she just recently started. Nana told her side of the story and i got angry at that, she was telling it all f*cking wrong.. sarted screaming at that. Then mom asked me questions that i didn't know how to answer. She said i could get y turn to say my side of the story, but when i tried to she didn't listen. i went to my room and sat in there crying. Lately, everything brings back memories, no matter what...
you could say i have an eating disorder. i never get hungry or eat properly, adn only once a day, twice at most. Then when i get upset, any food intake makes me so full i have to gag over a toilet. Unfortunatly, i haven't puked in 5 years.
sleeping?? i usually only get 3 hours a night.

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