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May 31, 2010 - 0 comments






See, i'm a twelve year old girl if i haven't stated that already (most likely have). But what I haven't told you is that i have a fifteen year old boyfriend living in teh town next to mine. sort of long distance. I rarely see him anymore..... the last tiem i saw im was in the lobby of my apartment.
We were sapose to go paintballing. But i didn't have to money.. and when i said i didn't, he was gonna get me some.. but i had to go to some birthday parties of old friends.... I'm regretful of that choice.. i wanted to go with him sooo bad... thats the first time seeing him in so long..

Something from today is my friend Mitchy. He's basicly a depressive too. He lives quite a ways away from me..... as in, half way around the world, basicly.. he's had alot go on, adn there are even more people that are trying to kill themselves and there's nothing he can do.... he told me this morning that his friend.. A girl he loves.. is dying of Lukemia.... i felt so bad for  them both.. he told me not to worry, that he'd just cry himself to sleep or something.. but.. i'm the type of person who can't help but worry...

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