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Arrived in Alaska!!

May 31, 2010 - 3 comments

I arrived in Alaska on Thursday evening after two very long flights and horrible plane dinners.... lol... Having a ball so far, Have done a good few things. Went to see the glacier in Portage which was pretty amazing but cold .. went to Balloga (sp) point and got some really great photos..... yesterday we played frisby golf which was really new to me and we had a blast!!!! Then afterwards had a bon fire and got ate alive my mosquitos.... Which was not fun ha.
Was real jet lagged for the first few days but am coming around now.. I really love it here so far and will keep ye all updated...  America is great, love the accent and it seems like they love the Irish which is pretty great!!!!

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996946 tn?1503249112
by LindaTX, May 31, 2010
Hi Jen....uh, guess I did forget to mention the mosquitos.  They are brazen little suckers, aren't they?  Glad you are having a good time.  Was the bonfire at a place called Big Lake? Our place is about 5 mi from there and about 5 mi from downtown Wasilla.  You know Sarah Palin lives in Wasilla.  On Lake Lucille.   Can't wait to see your pictures. Take care of yourself and stay warm. :))

676032 tn?1315674063
by Jennifer1987, May 31, 2010
No fear of staying warm :-) lovely weather here....  Yea they are little feckers alright... grrrr...

No we went to a house up there with some friends we know from here... it was great!!! :-)

676032 tn?1315674063
by Jennifer1987, Jun 29, 2010
Been in Alaksa nearly 5 weeks now and I really do love it, one problem is I think we brought the Irish weather with us :-( Its been raining a lot now ....  But that hasn't held us back, we have done a lot of stuff!! Mostly exploring the local bars for some social beverages lol...... The American people are so nice!!! Really love it!! The one thing I don't like is the food, Its soooo different!!!! Chips (fries), spuds (potatos), everything is different!!! I may have lost some weight cause Im so fussy lol!! Living in a house with 13 other people, which is tough at times.... But there all sound!!

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