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May 31, 2010 - 0 comments

My mother and Hubby are insisting that i am pregnant and i am just not far enough along to test positive. I guess the fact that i was acting soo pregnant with my daughter and only tested the faintest positive at what we found to be five weeks is making them think this may be a boy and i am hardly 4. So who knows, all i can say is that today my nipples and areola are much darker. The areola is much fluffier.  Like it stands out more. Usually they are kind of numb but they are super sensitive and i felt the ickies again while i was eating TWICE today. I am also exhausted and its only 9pm. I almost went to bed at 8. I also took a drink of water today and then quickly pulled down my mirror in the car because i thought my gums were bleeding, it turned out that i was just having a metallic taste in my mouth. SO weird. Oh and i woke up today and my fingers were so puffy that i had to take off my ring. They are still puffy and swollen, they havent gone down at all. What in the world is going on with me? This is getting old, i just wish i knew. Oh well at least i can get things out right here. Hope everyone is well!

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