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Lots to do today

Jun 01, 2010 - 0 comments

Going to be a busy day both for animal and non-animal related things.  Usual morning drill of examining, weighing, feeding, grooming, and cleaning up after my 10 foster kitties.  Then need to do the same for an intakes at the shelter over the weekend.  The volunteer coordinator at one of the shelters is on vacation so I am also backing her up with for some of the things she normally does.  Need to photograph some of the animals that have come in recently.  The staff normally does this but they have been really overwhelmed with intakes lately some of the lower priority stuff has just had to slip.  I also need to do some stumping to try to enlist other volunteers to help with the Kitten Day Care center I am setting up.  It is a double whammy, since this is kitten season so it is when we need it the most, but it is also when a lot of volunteers go on vacation, have young kids out from school, etc. so they are less available.  We are close to 600 animals at the shelter right now and adoptions are slow.  Almost 400 of those are cats and kittens.  Space is becoming a major issue.  We have transferred out as many as we can to rescue groups but they are pretty much full up too.  And some where along the way today I also have several personal errands I need to run and other stuff that needs to get done at home.

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