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Prolapsed uterus/cervix

Jun 01, 2010 - 14 comments

So, Emma had her 2 week check up today. She's not gaining any weight (nor is she losing). The Dr said she's got a lazy latch and is somewhat tongue tied, so he wants me to pump and feed her from a bottle. He also said it wouldn't hurt to give her some formula too. We picked up some formula on the way home and she's already drank 4 oz. I pumped, but only got an ounce. Maybe it's me?? I also mentioned to him that I'm still bleeding quite a bit (TMI...sorry) and that my vagina felt full. He checked it, and it turns out I have a prolapsed uterus/cervix. My Cervix is at the opening of my vagina..he's sending an urgent request to a gynacologist for an appt. I'm really concerned..I don't know what degree of prolapse it is yet, as he didn't want to speculate. I just hope it won't require any surgical intervention. Also, I don't know, is it possible to carry a pregnancy after a prolapse? We want 3 kids, and although I thank God we now have 2 beautiful girls, we would like to try for a 3rd in the future..If anyone has any info on prolapsed uterus/cervix, and weither or not you can have a safe pregnancy after having a prolapse, it would be greatly appreciated..

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by Ashelen, Jun 01, 2010 try this forum may want to contact the moderator and see if she has any advice she can share, or maybe she knows one of the forum members who is in a similar position. Good luck, sorry this happened :(

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by EricaB28, Jun 01, 2010
Thank you so much!

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by Ashelen, Jun 01, 2010
you're very welcome :) I just happened to see sherrie post about it on the preg forum a couple weeks ago and when you put this journal up for whatever reason I remembered....I hope it proves to be a good resource :)

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by Ladybugbc, Jun 03, 2010
HEY GIRL...oops caps lock on..(seth latched on so one hand typing) sooo sorry things are not going well. although i know nothing about this condition i hope n pray it's nothing serious. this prob why you had issues during pgnancy right? or may be the other way around. take care n god bless u..!

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by sherrieP, Jun 03, 2010
Sorry for delay in feedback Erica, I've been out of town so still trying to catch up. First of all, you might want to see a urogynecologist about the prolapse to get an exact dx about the degree of severity. A gynecologist can help you as well, but a urogyn is the specialist for all five kinds of POP and should be able to answer all your questions and advise you about all aspects of this issue. Since vaginal childbirth is the leading cause of POP, and each pregnancy you carry and deliver a child vaginally the risk for POP or degree of POP increases, it is truly a good idea to stay on top of this. I truly don't want to send up an "alarm", just feel that it is very important for you to get a specialist's opinion.

Sometimes women need to use a pessary throughout their pregnancy (this is a device that is inserted into the vagina to create support for the pelvic organs); there are even some women who are prone to miscarriage who use pessaries. These come in many shapes and sizes and a urogynecologist can fit you with the proper one for your situation.

You should also be able to find out from a urogyn what other treatments (if any) you should be utilizing to maintian a healthy, comfortable, pregnancy. Once you have the info you need to address the uterine prolapse issue, your ob/gun should be able to follow through with traditional pregnancy issues. Once your baby is delivered, it is also very important that you moniter your POP issues since POP does not go away-it tends to get worse if not treated. Depending on what kind/s of POP you have, there are different treatment options and your physician as well as a physical therpist can advise and guide you. There are always non-surgical as well as surgical choices for  POP.

Send me your questions as they come up and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. Your ob/gyn and a urogyn should be able to work together to assist you in a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Good luck, I hope  you find a specialist to guide you through this so you can have the additional baby you want; our babies bring us such joy!


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by EricaB28, Jun 03, 2010
Thank you so much Sherri. I was actually in the hospital earlier today with severe pelvic pain. Turns out I have an infection starting in my uterus. We caught that early, so the antibiotics are sure to help with that. Also, they called gynecology for reference to the prolapse. They said that it "should" rectify itself (as I am only 2 weeks postpartum) but if it doesn't by 6 weeks to see a specialist. I'm feeling a little better after hearing that, but still concerned. Have you heard of a prolapse rectifying itself? I really hope that's the case..they did mention a pessary, but are wanting to wait to address that until the 6 week postpartum mark. Thank you again. Erica

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by Dani711, Jun 03, 2010
Hey.  Just trying to find you to see how you were doing :)  Glad you caught the infection early.  How will you know if it corrects itself or do you just go back to the dr. in 6 weeks?  Hope you are doing as well as you can be!

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by EricaB28, Jun 04, 2010
I'll have my 6 week postpartum checkup, where they do the pap and everything. I think they'll be checking then, also I'm still waiting on the Gynecologist appt. Other than this crap, I'm doing well Dani. :o)

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by sherrieP, Jun 04, 2010
SSSOOOOOOO glad they caught the infection!! Have a meeting this AM, will send thoughts this afternoon Erica!

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by sherrieP, Jun 04, 2010
Hi Erica,

Yes, often a prolapse will get better a bit further into the post-partum period, they will also shift in and out in general depending on what you are doing that day to put pressure on the pelvic cavity or what position you are holding your body in. A prolapse typically does not go away completely; there has to be some kind of structural damage occurring to cause it in the first place (most often occurring as part of the child birthing process but can also be from other causes-menopause, chronic constipation or coughing, repetitive pounding from running, jogging, aerobic exercise, heavy lifting-try not to pick up your children right now, I know that's hard to accomplish!, genetic factors, or nerve/muscular disease processes). Any one of these or combination of these can create issues.

The most important thing is you have an appt to be assessed but while you are waiting to go in for that appt, do try to avoid the heavy lifting. Even if your physician says it is a very mild prolapse, you should truly monitor it closely and stay on top of it. As your dr if he/she feels you should see a urogynecologist for assessment; often women are told POP is a typical part of the child birthing process and that is the wrong mindset-by staying on top of a prolapse, you can have some control over it staying at the same grade as opposed to doing nothing and letting it get worse.

Good luck!

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by EricaB28, Jul 09, 2010
Update!! I had my gyne appt on Wednesday and she said things have already improved!! She wants me to do at least 100 keigels a day, preferrably 200..and said I won't need a pessary or surgery! So, good news all around! :o) Thanks for all the support!

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by sherrieP, Jul 11, 2010
That is wonderful news Erica! Food for thought, quality rather than quantity is important with Kegels, here's a link to an article I wrote about doing Kegels to give you some guidance in case your dr didn't go into a lot of detail.

Good luck hon!

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by sherrieP, Jul 14, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear you a having a rough day Erica, hope things level off for you!

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by nancygary, Sep 29, 2010
To sherrieP

Hi, Maybe you can help me with my concerns.  I had been having problems for about 6 to 8 months.  I was getting bladder infections and yeast infections.  I took meds to get rid of them and they would come back.  I was taking probiotics, cranberry tablets, drinking plenty of water.  Everything I could think of.  Even taking a tablet everytime I made love with my husband to try from getting an infection again.  I also, have had constipation every since I can remember.  I noticed something one day that did not look right down below.  I thought it was mu uterus.  I went to my doctor.  She sent me to a specialist.  He says my rectum is herniated, and my bladder and uterus are prolapsed.  My bladder, at times, pushes down into the opening of my vagina and then other times it pulls back up a bit.  The specialist says on a 1 to 10  I am a 5.  He says it will just get worse.  The plan is to do a vaginal hysterectomy taking out the cervix and the uterus, fixing the herniated rectum and sling the bladder back in place with polyproplene mesh.  I am new to the site and have been reading a lot of horror stories.  I am sure there are a lot that also do fine.  One person talks about A DeVinchi Robot.  I never heard of this.  The specialist didn't say anything about it.  The specialist is also a plastic surgeon in the area, so my plan is to have a little work done to possibly hold things up there even better.  It should also make things more enjoyable for both my husband and myself.  I am 51 and I am told it will be 6 months to 1 year before I stop cycling.  My ovaries will probably stay in.  He did an ultrasound, both regular and vaginal.  I don't know what the outcome is but I have had them checked a few times already.  I do get small cysts.  Usually, not a problem.  I did have one big cyst when I was 14 and had to have surgery but nothing like that since....Do you have any suggestions to what I might ask  or check on before surgery?  Thanks Nancy

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