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Very tired...

Jun 01, 2010 - 2 comments

Not sure whats going on.. I'm extremely tired today.. took a nap at 1:15 til 2:30 this afternoon.. I'm bloating, isn't it too early to be bloated? And for 2 days now I've had low abdomen pain, not severe, but enough to notice it. It kinda feels like AF cramps but not to the same degree of pain, just light cramping..What can this mean? I've never had cramps like this in the middle of my cycle.. I don't feel my usual self...No liking the 2WW...

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1281900 tn?1320336402
by mi_amorcito, Jun 02, 2010
I feel the same way you do. I hope this means the SSBD is working...

1310814 tn?1310654901
by mamamia40, Jun 03, 2010
Yes, I hope so too! I'm going to try to be positive and think that since these are all unusual symptoms for me to have mid cycle, and post ovulation, that maybe its good news! =)

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