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Update 2

Jun 02, 2010 - 2 comments

Hey there, just want to update and say that i think this morning my bbs were darker. They looked super brown compared to yesterday. Has anyone experienced most of the brown on the areola being in a ring around it? I'm pretty sure i remember it happening like that when i was pregnant but i cant be sure since my memory was taken over by the HG. Anywayz, other than that i have a little headache. Face is still clear and for some reason my eye brows arent hardly growing back... I got them waxed a couple weeks ago. They are usually growing back in within a few days. I thought that might be weird... But anywayz, thats all i can think of for now. I would love to hear about how yall are doing and if you have had anything weird show up for you? Thanks guys! Especially Rawcore who has been answering me! You are the best lol. More later! Oh and a quick Question... does anyone think they tested a BFP later with a boy? Because we just have a feeling that if i am then its a boy...

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by RawCore, Jun 03, 2010
Hair growth changes with pregnancy for some. Sometimes its more , other times it is less. Darkening areola is again a sign of pregnancy. Have you gotten a blood HCG?

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by Faylew1012, Jun 03, 2010
nope we are just waiting another week then testing. If thats neg. then we go for blood. My hubby has been doing some weirrrd stuff. I have even gone so far as to test him(like question not pee on a stick LOL). He always has headaches when i get them and his stomach is upset when mine is upset. So i stopped telling him when. And this morning i asked him hey have you had a headache today? He was like yea i just started getting one a couple of minutes ago! I started laughing! Because i had started to get one a couple of minutes before i asked.Then mine started to go away and i was like hows your headache doing? He said "its starting to go away". OMG, its so weird. Oh and his headaches are just like mine. We have to wait them out because tylenol doesnt touch them. Has anyones spouse done the same thing?

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