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Day 45; Tramadol WIthdrawal and Detox

Aug 03, 2008 - 7 comments

tramadol withdrawal















Hi Friends!

I had no Severe Tramadol Withdrawal Symptoms today. Woo Hoo!

I was tired. But that's to be expected.

Pretending to be normal at work, and around others, during withdrawal, so your life isn't completely destroyed is tougher than it sounds. Esp at 44 days out!

Of course, there's the whole other theory of; Just Surrender, Give Up and Join The Winning Side. For now, I'm still fighting. Yesterday's retreat made me strong today.

So now my brain doesn't feel as much like a scrambled egg. It's working a bit better in there. Unless you count the apathy and lack of motivation, which is more than a little scary. I'm almost sure that I started taking Tramadol in 2003. Accident was in 2000, two years of taking almost nothing but doing lots of alternative medicine. Then I slowly worked thru the opiates until my Doctors got "opiate-freaked," and put me on the 'Oh So Safe Tramadol. '

There was a second accident (Do you think I should take that bumper sticker off my car that says "REAREND ME PLEASE!" ...) about 9 months ago? That didn't help. Both times. dead stopped and rear ended. I tend to forget about Accident #2. Probably the concussion. Hmm ... now that I think about it; having a concussion is a bit like going thru Tramadol withdrawal.

I wander ....

I worked a very short day; 3.5 hours. My work is physical, esp on Saturdays. I have a lingering effect from the bronchitis. I am also getting over having taken Zithromax to kill everything and prevent pneumonia. This is the first time I have prevented it from going onto pneumonia. So that makes me happy :)

As happy as you can be when you are tired, ok .. exhausted.

I think I might have had all the juice squeezed out of me? The vitamins my husband takes, I started taking, and they help a great deal. I know that, because I forgot to take them one day and BOOM! Super exhaustion versus exhaustion.

I was busy today and tried to pretend I was ok. As in, going outside the office into the bathroom to cough, blow my nose, and so on. Bronchitis gets messy. But that's ok, it's better than being on the soul sucking demon pill Tramadol.

I accuse the Tramadol withdrawal of crashing my immune system and leading me to bronchitis on Day 31? Yes. It stands accused.

Ok so I lived thru it but had to use the inhaler twice to breathe and had to use klonopin in the day! ACK! It's anxiety. It's from not being able to breathe. Luckily I came home and went to sleep for awhile. That helped.

My stomach is a tiny bit sore, so I am using a heating pad. Lovely. I love the heating pad, it helped me soooo much during heavy withdrawal. I must have alot of opiate receptors in my intestines!

No appetite. No thirst mechanism. Of course my head goes to; "What if that never returns?" ?????????? Maybe now it is coming from the z-pac. Let's hope.

I have been sore thru the lower back today, and not my leg as much.

I got thru my work day by having a tiny amount of honey to get me moving. A shower with Batherapy lavender helped me move. I woke up not happy, and had a dream that was weird, but not bloody like early withdrawal. OK, I dreamed someone was asking me to stop being mean and unkind to Tara Reid ... LOL!!  I woke up last night at 4 am in back pain and had to get ice. I luckily took an antihistamine (one pill) and fell back asleep. I promise I won't be as mean to Tara Reid anymore ok? LOL!

But I was groggy. Coffee helped me get to work. I used several packs of emergen-C (I swear you guys must think I sell this stuff) in a big 50 ounce bottle of water. I put TART MONTGOMERY CHERRY JUICE in it also. Highly recommended. It eases pain in joints and helps withdrawal even with Benzos!

My goal is to drink two of those a day, which I did.

I used B-12 sublinguals. I used honey sticks I had left at work.

No one did any Brain surgery on me today. No wires reconnecting. No brain pain.

I love being around others and don't care for being alone in my house. Which is weird and I don't want my Dear Husband to go away without me knowing when he will come back. Also weird.

No Tramadol stuff. Bronchitis side effects only. YAY!

I don't wanna get too excited but MAN it was nice after the last few days! No drug thoughts except early morning wake up Demons which I avoid by practically jumping out of bed!

How are you all doing? Let me know ok?

It does get better ... even on days when it is bad. It is still not a day that you have taken the demon poison pill .... so that's a good thing!

Love and healing,

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by plamp, Aug 03, 2008
Hey all, just got back from vacation hope everyone is doing ok. Sounds like your really improving emily I bet if that bronchitis didn't hit you you would be 100% by now haha.

Vitamins are always a good choice especially the b-12 ones. I had a habit of drinking red bull when I was going through the energy drip periods, it has like 80% dv of b-12 and a ton of caffeine which helps your body to get up and get moving. Was also taking niacin tablets first 2-3 days because they detox your system by heating up your body and causing you to perspire and urinate frequently.=] Food wise I always went with light foods that wouldnt be too hard on my stomach because I did have painful cramps and no appetite. Fish and chicken were two that really helped because they didnt upset my stomach, fish also has alot of antioxidants too.

I wish you guys continued success hang in there!


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by seekingbetterdays, Aug 03, 2008
Hello Plamp.  

Welcome back to the states.  Sounds like Mexico was just the thing for your recovery.  Like you I have adopted a regime of B -12.  Fairly high doses which seem to work ( I say this because I feel worse without them.)

Also sounds like you have almost -- very nearly -- beat the devel.  Good for you.  Now all you have to do is to keep him from 'tugging at your sleeve'.  

I continue to be amazed at your maturity as I do not remember having either your wisdom or determination at your age.

This is a long road to recovery for me.  Four years on Tramadol - fairly high dosage -- is a long time.  I'm not certain I even remember what normal is.  All I know is I want it, and I'm willing to fight and suffer to get it.

The "How to eat and elephant? One bite at a tme." joke has now become my mantra.  This is a longer haul that I ever thought it would be, and it is like eating an ellephant.  PASS THE A-1 SAUCE!!

However, based on some old emotions and renewed interest in life I am beginning to feel ( just glimpses for now) it seems so worth it already.

You dodged a bullet Plamp.  Lessor men would have turned your tram dependancy into 4 or more years of strong addiction.  It's tramadol's MO.  It would have only gotton worse.   Tramadol is a cruel and jealous master and you never are free while under its spell.  But then .. you know that.

Best to you plamp.  You're the man!!

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by EmilyPost, Aug 03, 2008
Hey Plamp!

Welcome back to the US of A! I really hope you had a great time, and it sounds like you did. I agree about the vitamin drinks, and the caffeine and the B-12. And yeah, I use Niacin as well. Usually not until night time, because it makes me sleepy. But it helps alot with detox. All the vitamins do. Yep, fish will help rebuild the brains! Poor Tramadol effected brains. Alot of protein helps. I'm thinking maybe it digests more slowly and helps rebuild the immune system. I know the immune system is protein based.

But you sound great Plamp!  It's true, You're The Man! LOL!


Hi Seeking Better Days!

Day 21 for you. *passes the A-1 Sauce*

You write, "This is a long road to recovery for me.  Four years on Tramadol - fairly high dosage -- is a long time.  I'm not certain I even remember what normal is.  All I know is I want it, and I'm willing to fight and suffer to get it."

It is a long time. and I actually think that the sensation for me, is that during withdrawal everything slows to a crawl. I haven't figured out yet the mechanism though which Tramadol does this. You would swear someone has erased all the clinical studies, and all the information about this Devil Pill, by looking thru Google or

Being willing to fight for it I think is what is necessary and as you so kindly reminded me, also being able to RETREAT and rest when it gets too hard.

You'll remember what normal feels like. I remember the first time I could feel my heart again. The intense emotion felt lovely. I think I have been numb for 5 years. Numb and foggy.

The weird this is that Tramadol actually has you convinced that you NEED it to function. That your thoughts are clearer on it. That you are better, faster, more capable. But it is a Lie. Evil always lies. It's pretty boring in that way; and also predictable.

Day 45 and zero cravings for Tramadol.

I wish I could sleep more, but I figure as long as I have a dream here and there (No dreams for years on Tramadol) that means I am getting into deep sleep. So that is restorative. It helps me alot if I freak out (and I know you know what I mean) to pop a B-12, drink some vitamin water, remember if I ate ... and then research this drug.

Finding others who have experienced it is like, amazing and I feel less scared and or alone.

I also agree that my interest in LIFE is finally returning thank GOODNESS!

Love and healing to us all,

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by darlitad, Nov 08, 2009
Omg I just got off of tramadol after 2 years on it and I hate it, its only been 6 days and I just OMG I don't even know what I feel like but I hate this feeling and I just keep freaking out I mean I don't want tramadol or crave for it but I just keep getting all this anxiety and I don't know how to control it at all and I just keep snapping at everyone. I feel like I am crazy right now and I hate this. I am 29 years old and I quit because I started taking to many a day and it started to scare me cause I would take them and just pass out and I got scared thinking would if I overdose and my 3 and 4 year old are only home with me and they have to see me so that is why I wanted to quit for myself too. It seemed like it was the only thing on my mind wondering if I run out what am I going to do I need them. So now this is the hardest thing is going through all these withdrawals I just wish they would go away. I just keep crying all the time because I am so mad at myself for getting addicted to those pills and now I have to go through this and its getting the better of me. I started taking them for psoriatic arthritis and I was always home taking care of my children and going to school online so which I was not ever leaving my house days on end and my boyfriend work out of town and I felt like I was getting so depressed then when I got prescribed tramadol man it took every feeling of depression I had away and it made me feel happy so I started abusing them right away. Well now I got prescribed 10 ativan and zoloft which I am taking the ativan for the anxiety but it only works for about an hour and the anxiety starts in again.

How do get the anxiety to go away? It seems like everything just irritates me and it's so frustrating, I don't want that pill ever again it already did enough damage to my life it was like I loved that pill but OMG I hated it at the same time.

DJD in North Dakota can I get some more advice on how to deal with this PLEASE!!!  And by the I can't stop sneezing like a million times a day and I ache all over. Just want to know how to get through this!

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by anderson270, Mar 14, 2011
I  have been on tramadols off and on for years i have gone years w/out it but replaced it with vicoden then off vicoden back to tramadol.

it's the sleep at night thats just getting me right now the feeling of my arms wanting to move around wildly for no reason i have ran them under hot water sat on them i have walked outside and sat in the snow to get rid of the hot flashes.

I guess i am lucky no pysical pains or bathroom  problems so alot of u would say ur lucky but when u feel like u want to cut ur arms and legs off at night just to sleep in a snow bank it *****.

I have an addictive personality always have I don't even think i know "who" i am when  I am not on pills. I can't remember the last time i had a conversation with someone that was not under the influence of a narcotic.

I just dont get it i did cocaine for years quit cold turkey no withdrawls nothing but when it comes to pills I always stay clean and then its game over I even pray at night god please help me with these withdrawls  please let me sleep and i have to hide all of this from my family I cant find anything on the internet about rememdies god I hope i do ......

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by ImDONENoMore, Mar 14, 2011
Hi and welcome anderson -

Just wanted to tell you from your post - you might want to hit the "next" button at the top of this thread until it brings you to the most recent thread for this forum - that way more people will see you and you can respond with everyone who is currently using this forum.

Good luck to you and again, welcome!  :)

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by Pamelasue73, Apr 09, 2012
Well I am a teeter totter of the Vicodin/ tremedol  game I would rather go through the detox of the
Vicodin. I have not quit yet but have tapered from
10 Vicodin a day down to 3. Tremedol taken in the past 3 days 0.  

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