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CD 15 again

Jun 02, 2010 - 1 comments

Well, no sign of O again on CD15 but not surprised after last month. I still haven't heard from the hospital on the HSG so I called my friend who is the lead charge nurse in labor and delivery about changing Drs. My midwife is a friend of hers and so I explained that I just think I am beyond what she can do for me. She agreed and gave me the name of a new Dr that just started with them but has been a Dr for 20 yrs and is an OB/gyn and MD. I am going to call her on my lunch break and see how long til I can get in since she is new. I have new hope with this. I still have to see if she takes my ins or not but for the most part I think this is a good next move... I hope!

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by Tryingforbaby2, Jun 02, 2010
Update: New Dr isn't set up to take my ins yet. Rather than wait I am going next Thursday for a consult to see where that leaves me. At least if this cycle is a bust then I can be ready to start fresh and get some more tests done! She should be set up with my ins by the end of the month.

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