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I Need To Get Clean

Jun 02, 2010 - 0 comments






Okai so college in sept. & all i know is i got to get clean. Im actually going for a correctionnal officer course, & after a year i get to chose if i want to continue and specialise in Correc,Officer or if i wanna go for intervention specialist or just plain Officer. Im thinking i would love to work in a Detox. But i cant be going on with any of these courses if I myself am an addict ! Im thinking of stoping the pills(ecstasy/mdma) first second will come weed. but for now imma stop pills. try to !. & im pretty sure ill be able to with the help of friends. This really needs to be done before summer ends ! If anyone has any Tips for me on how to deal with everything that i will be facing in the process of staying clean i would very much like that :) !

ShareBearx ~ Stay Clean or Go Home ! hahah  :P

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