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Sunday 2 August 2008 @ 11pm

Aug 03, 2008 - 0 comments

Yesterday I couldn't really do much because of the pain and I was just so tired. Today my husband wanted me to do some little things, like hang the washing out, do the dishes and vacuum. I've been to scared to try in the last few days because of the pain. I gave it a go and each task killed me with pain. I had to rest in between. I'm tired tonight, but I know it's going to take ages to settle to sleep. Wish the pain would settle. Going to have the blood test for arthritis in the am. My friend still insists that it has to be low cortisol levels. I've been charting my temperature and it's been normal over this time. It's only dropped once, but that was in the afternoon on the 14 day of my cycle, so it's probably just ovulation. I really want to know what the hells going on, but I guess I will just have to wait. Not real sure about starting swimming on Wednesday, but it's a pretty low impact form of exercise so I should be ok and Sara will probably fall asleep not long after we get home. Just want one of these medical people to find the answer, so I can take the right steps to getting better and/or manageing what ever it is.

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