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"TAKING LIFE FOR GRANTED" well no more!!

Aug 03, 2008 - 11 comments

childrens health

This is the first journal I have ever written.

I am just back from the hospital with my 9 year old Son Christian. He was admitted on Thursday and has just been released now. He has been suffering on and off with chest pains over the last couple of years and every time I took him to our Doctor they always say the same thing, that they are only muscular pains and maybe some growing pains as well, which I thought all right, but still wanted to go further about it.

This Wednesday night just gone, his chest pains were so severe that he could barely take in a deep breath, his breathing was very shallow, he is also mildly asthmatic, so I didn't know what to think. The following morning he seemed to be a good bit better able to breath properly again, but I wasnt taking any more chances as he is also complaining with left side jaw pain, so I took him straight into casualty dept in hospital, where they performed a  blood test on him (his first one) it took four of us to actually hold him down to get him done, as he was so terrified, it really upset me to see him like that. It was rather painful for him as it was taken from the artery vain in the front of his little hand, I will never forget it. The nurses then did an ecg test on him, and said it was fine, so they then sent for a superior to check out his jaw and ear and when the superior asked if the ecg test was ok the nurse replied yes that it was, but when the superior actually checked it he said it is not ok, he has a lot of irregular heartbeat all over it. I was stunned and amazed that she didn't even pick this up or even notice it. His pulse was also a little irregular, and then he had a chest exray which came back fine, his bloods came back fine, but the jaw exray and the 24 hrs heart holter monitor results will take two or three weeks for the results. But after four days he was finally allowed home today, I stayed with him the whole time, and am anxious on the results to come out, but at the same time, will never ever take anything for granted again, especially not the health of my children.

I am very distraught after the whole ordeal and could sure do with some advice on irregular heart beat and irregular pulse, and I don't know an awful lot in that field!.

PS to make matters worse I almost got my finger severed this morning in the hospital as I was folding up the hospital chair bed and got my finger caught in the silver hinge part, I lost the very top of my nail and have a pretty nasty wound, ah well it could be worse.

Thanks for listening and thank you in advance for any replies.

God Bless.

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by ea_poe, Aug 03, 2008
Well, glad the doctor caught the issue and good luck on further tests. I've also had some bad experiences with something being missed in an ER, but then later caught by the doctor on staff.

MedHelp has several forums around Heart issues (if you click forums on the top of the page), including several with doctors that will answer your question. The is the best place to ask this since everyone there is there discussing heart concerns.

Good luck with the results.


401786 tn?1309155634
by Jacqui805, Aug 03, 2008

I'm in an airport in Philadelphia, awaiting my next flight to get me home, and I'm not at all sure how long I've got on my battery, so I'll do my best to help you out....Please PM me if you're around ok?  If I do not get back to you right away or something, it's due to battery issues, but I will talk to you tonight when I get home ok?

Rest easy, I can relate on several levels here, as a mom who's one daughter had a serious issue that practically traumatized me, and as a nurse....I think I can put your mind at ease to some degree, and I just want you to focus on the good right now, that he's home and playing...both, are good things...very good.


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by el_dave, Aug 03, 2008
You really have to be careful with the medical profession. They're under such pressure to have all the answers.. when our littlest one was like two years old she had a big bump by her eye, and the medical folks said it was a benign tumor, and it shouldn't be removed until she was six, for safety's sake. Well, naturally it caused her distress because of other kids, etceteras, but she (and we) dealt with it, ninguna problema. Then, when she was four, for no discernable reason Hildy became adamant that it would be removed NOW. "No, no," quoth the medical pros, "must wait 'til she's six, she's too young". Hildy demonstrated why she's called "icepick", and the tiny one had her operation. Once the thing was removed we were told that it came out just in time, that it was growing inward and if it had stayed in any longer it could have cost her the vision in that eye. Our other daughter, of course, spent several years suffering on unneeded medications due to a misdiagnosis of being "bipolar". Icepick and Sweetling both have to do with the medical profession, and I trust the grunts.. the physicians, though, I trust just about as far as I can throw them. Be so very careful with them, Ma'am, so very careful.

Our fingers are crossed for a quick and easy resolution to the problem, o gorgeous one.

-El Dave

460185 tn?1326081372
by lonewolf07, Aug 03, 2008
I do know what it's like to worry over a child.  Also know I want answers NOW, not in a few weeks.  I would be worried  sick and have to really work at not letting the child know how worried I was; kids pick up on things like that.

Did you take him to your family dr?  Maybe he/she can speed things up a bit.  Maybe another opinion if that's possible.

It's frightening and confusing to get such different opinions on his tests.  Was the "superior" a dr?  a resident?  an intern?  If so, maybe a specialist is in order.  When my #1 broke his arm a resident set it but didn't do X rays after and in turned out the bones had not been set right.  When he saw an orthopedist, they fixed it fine.

Being a parent, I can understand your fears.  My "children" are older and I still worry about them.  I think I'd react like you are reacting.

It sounds like your son is a bit better - based on your other journal.  Sometimes they grow out of these things but after your experience I think you are probably scared, worried and overwhelmed.  You've gone through a lot - moving - and now this.

IMHO your own instincts and connection with your son will help you to figure out what you want to do.  If it was something  really serious, they wouldn't have let him come home.

Don't know if any of that helps or not.

Hugs to you and your family


393165 tn?1420764045
by sunset555, Aug 03, 2008
This is directed at "all" you guys that had the utmost decency to respond to my journal.

I am worried sick, by it all, and have gotten all the relevant tests that I possibly could have over the last few days. He had a blood test, a couple of ecgs, a chest exray, a jaw exray (which I pushed for), a 24 hour holter monitor, and constant blood pressure monitored on a four hour basis over three or four days plus pulse rates checked the same.

I guess I will just have to sit very tight now to see what the results bring to us, and pray to the God above!

I will also be checking in with our local doctor Tuesday morning first thing, as it's a bank holiday long weekend here with everywhere closed on Monday including doctors.

I will explain to our family doctor everything that has occurred in the last few days and hopefully get some answers and hopefully explanations too. Our family doctor only knows us a year now as we only moved from Dublin to the midlands in the last year, so I was thinking of maybe even trying to go back to the doctor he had all his life in Dublin! (just another option).

Also when the results come back it will be read to us at the hospital, and if needs be we will be referred to a cardiologist, but hopefully not, as I am worried sick. I love him so much that I would just die without him, and I am very serious when I say that, I would just be dead ..............


460185 tn?1326081372
by lonewolf07, Aug 03, 2008
I am going to a Native doctoring ceremony tomorrow.  Sharon, I know you keep the Faith and are a devout Roman Catholic.  If you have no objections, I would like to ask the Medicine Woman, whom I have known for years, to pray for your son.  The whole lodge will pray for him too if that doesn't conflict with your belief system.  I did this once before for someone on MH and she turned out just fine.  These aren't bizarre rituals or sacrifices or anything like that.  It's a group of Native (and some non-Native) people going for healing purposes (mind, body, emotions, spirit).   Everything is done in a respectful manner and we all pray to God, the Creator.

If you don't object, I will do this.  If you prefer that it not be done, If you don't want to do this, I wont be offended.

For what it's worth - and it seems like very little - I can empathize with you.  I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to my "children" - I don't think I could go on.

You have good thoughts and prayers for strength from me any my family.   You are a strong woman, with a strong faith.  I hope your son gets better.



393165 tn?1420764045
by sunset555, Aug 03, 2008
Hi Wolf,

Just read your message and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I don't know very much about medicine women, but from what you say in relation to the healing purposes we do not have anything to loose, I give you my blessing to pray for my Son, and thank you so much for caring in the first place.

I am just sitting here staring into space, when really I should be really going to bed its almost 1am here in Ireland and I really and truelly should be catching up on some sleep.

I tolt Christian that I would sleep beside him tonight to mind him, even though we are now back home from the hospital, but he said that he wants his Mam to be beside him to comfort him, as that is what I have been doing in the hospital over the last four nights.

Anyway, enough of my whining.

Thank you again, Wolf, you are a good woman, with a big heart, that shines through. You should be very proud of yourself.


460185 tn?1326081372
by lonewolf07, Aug 03, 2008
We will all pray for your son at the ceremony.

Your aren't whining - I'm whining  = P

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by katrina39, Aug 04, 2008
to sunset 555,
i just awoke at 2:15am and happened on your site...
i do not have much to offer in the way of advice as far as irregulard heartbeats, ect...
i know i it were my child, i would be so frightened, but i offer to you these words...
it is from a book entitled "God Calling"...
"you will conquer. the conquering spirit is never crushed. keep a brave and trusting heart. face all difficulties in the spirit of conquest.  remember where I am is Victory. forces of evil, within and without you, flee at My Presence. Win me and all is won. All..."
my prayers are with you and your child...
god bless you both

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by bell24, Aug 04, 2008
hi sunset ,i really feel for you at this time ,im from ireland to and its good to know you are here with all my friends ,and soon to be yours ,they will give you all the support you need at this time ,as for me i will try, i do know the worry of having such a sick child whether its hes heart or something else just believe me ,i know and can feel your pain ,im not great at this ,but im here for you at this time ,all i can say is i will not only try ,and pray for your baby, but i will try and for pray for you ,because you need to stay strong for your baby boy,since my loss i find it hard to pray ,but i will try ,im been honest about that, but as ive said im here for you take care hun ,im from dublin do keep in touch god bless,

393165 tn?1420764045
by sunset555, Aug 07, 2008
Hi everyone/to all that know me here on MH. I have just a little update to make in regards to my previous journals about my Sons irregular heartbeat stint in Hospital last week.

I took him to our GP today, and explained the whole ordeal to him, he checked Christian over and gave him an antibiotic for his throat, as his tonsils seem to be a bit swollen, which may explain the jaw pain. He also checked his heart beat and pulse and both appeared to be normal, he said it didnt sound like he had any murmers or anything. Then I explained to him that I would like a referral from him to get Christian an appointment to have an echo cardiogram test which I have heard so much about from people on here (MH) over the last few days and to my amazement - he agreed, he said that he thinks that Christian is in good health and that everything should turn out all right for him, but for peace of mind for everyone involved he is now going to organise this important test for him, and in his own words he said then we will close the book on all of this! This is the first time I have actually felt a lot more relaxed and less frightened about all of this. Immediately after, I went across to our local Church and myself, Son and Daughter each lit a candle, and said a wee prayer, I felt so peaceful afterwards.  I will still keep everyone on here informed of the test results which are out in three weeks time. And thanks so much in advance of any replies.

Much love
& God Bless.


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