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the end

Jun 03, 2010 - 8 comments

so..massive temp drop...AF is coming tomorrow, i bet you anything.

So that's it for me...I'm just not playing this game know how it goes...too annoyed and angry to see rationally that I probably dont actually mean it, but I need to have a strop right now!

I will be back when I get a BFP....even if thats in a year.

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by xx_Louise_xx, Jun 03, 2010
We all feel the same after BFN after BFN....but life goes on! Learn to understand that it will happen when it happens...we just cant control when it wil happen. But it will....dnt let it take over your life..! There's always next cycle.. dnt get yourself down over it! Dnt spend your life getting yourself down about something that will happen eventually, but embrace life and look forward to the life u will have when u get your bean!! Life is for living...

Oh and btw...a temp drop means nothing!! Its just a indication of heat..anything can affect temps!!

Hope u feel better soon....

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by frequent_tester, Jun 03, 2010
thanks, i literally just noticed i'm spotting..not normal for me to literally 'spot' but looks like its the beginning!

i know youre right =-] i think I need to go throw some eggs at things to vent my frustration!!! =-]


1186852 tn?1423660370
by xx_Louise_xx, Jun 03, 2010
Haha..go throw some eggs! :)

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by baby2929, Jun 03, 2010
Dont give up. Im on my 2ww for 10months of trying. It can be very frustrating but you just have to look at the bright side and that is that you will get that BFP, you just gotta keep at it. Good luck whatever you decide to do. xxxx <3 SSBD xx

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by onyxangel, Jun 03, 2010
Sorry girl, but unless your full blown AF ... who knows. Our bodies are soooooo bad. Go watch a good movie, take a break. You've been working hard and you need a bit of TLC. Remember what you told me the other day, ok. Chin up, collect yourself and do what you need to do to make you feel better.

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by Dragon1973, Jun 03, 2010
You know, just hearing you say I give up, reminds me of me.  That next month we got our BFP!!  I could not believe it.  Maybe this change of heart will turn things around for you.  I couldn't believe after everyone who said to me ´`when you stop trying (and in my case it was more like obsessing...) it usually happens".  It took me literally saying to my hubby, I am not doing this anymore, and it can't feel like a job.  I know it must sound so cliché but for whatever reason it worked.
I hope whatever happens you finally get there, no matter how you do it.
Sandi (Dragon1973)
MedHelp Down syndrome Community Leader
& Ds Group Forum Founder/Moderator

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by frequent_tester, Jun 04, 2010
thank you, I hope youre right!!! it cant hurt to try! =-]

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by dscoqn, Jun 04, 2010
or not try LOL

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