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Friday May 4th 2010

Jun 03, 2010 - 0 comments



Back pain







Called the doctor yesterday to see if he has got permission yet to be able to continue to give me the pain killers. He hasn't, so will call back to day as i am due for more on Sunday/. The good thing is, if he get's permission, he can give them to me for a month and I will only have to go back for more once before my surgery. The bad things is, if he doesn't get permission, I will have to see a different doctor and see what he thinks is best for me. Am very scared about that. If a different doctor doesn't think I should be on the pain medication I'm having at the moment, then I am screwed, it will be hard as a new doctor wont know what's been going on, except for what in my file and he might not really understand the pain I am in. Still waiting on appointment for the cardiologist, the pain management specials is booked out for 3-54 months so I doubt I will get to see him before my surgery and am also waiting for a physiotherapy appointment. The last 2 mornings I have woken up to really intense labour like pains that literally take my breath away. And the pain killers aren't totally stopping my lower back pain either. Everyday just seems to drag on forever! Will be calling the doctor today to see is he has permission and if I can see him or am going to have to see a different doctor. Fingers crossed he got permission because I really don't need any more complications at the moment. :(

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