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Jun 03, 2010 - 0 comments

Well, i dont know if this has to do with the fact that me and hubby had a very stressful and emotional fight last night or not, but today things have picked up a little bit. I have definite unsettled moments. Usually having to do with being around food although nothing specific. But the difference today was the unsettled moments that DIDNT have anything to do with food at all. Now i can tell you that i think the biggest part of the pick up in symptoms has to do with the argument. But i can also tell you that after me and my husband fight i dont walk around all day the day after and feel like i am going to become nauseous. Stress has been having some unusual effects on my body physically which leads me even more to believe that (duhhh) i may be pregnant. (Rawcore) I know, take another test. But i am waiting till Mmmm about Monday. Lol. So i guess i will have to continue rambling about my symptoms.... Oh and is anyone able to feel their bladder but just running your hand across your lower abdomen?
Because i have a solid lump that seems to have gotten a little bigger and more rounded... But this is only a possibility we are not sure whats going on. My husband doesnt seem to think this is my bladder. I do believe that i had to press in before all this to feel my bladder. This is a firm lump that is about where my waist band is of my low rises! Hmm, any thoughts and opinions as to what this could be anyone? Anywayz let me know!

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