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kate plus 8?

Jun 04, 2010 - 18 comments

so kate again has found a way to make money.... come back with her show kate plus 8 ... and another show called a twist of kate....

i have been a fan since day one.... but i do see that when they ended that last season and they had the big fairwell good by and blah blahh blahhh i knew it was only a time before she came back....

what do you think of this?....of her and the shows?.... i think that if i had the chance to have my own show and make great money AND my kids wanted to do it , why not?... but if she is forcing them to do it for the checks its deff wrong.

show starts sunday on TLC.... I will be watching to see what this season has in store for me...

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by mami1323, Jun 04, 2010
The toughest part of this whole thing is you don't really know what her true agenda is.  You don't really know if the kids want to do it or they are just used to it.  When I first saw the show when she was with Jon, I thought she was a royal biatch.  She was controlling and nasty and I actually felt bad for him.  Then when they split I was like good for him, but then he turned into some frat boy who cared only for getting into young girl's pants and not being a good father.  I felt bad for Kate because she looked really hurt and angry by his behavior.  He started to make her look good.  Then I understood her need to do Dancing With the Stars because they need the money.  But then you see her spending the money on herself.  You never see her with her kids and when she is with them she's yelling at them.  I've never once seen her be affectionate towards them.  But Jon stepped it up and is now the better parent again.  So I really don't know what to think.  Is she in it for herself or to provide for her children?  It's hard to say.

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by mum2beagain, Jun 04, 2010
I read an article yesterday about them. She said whether they do the shows or not they still have the press and all that c#@p to deal with so why not just do the show and earn the money. It does seem like the kids have great relationships with the crew, they must have all missed each other. I think it is better that this time it is just going to be a series of specials and not them following the family all the time, at least then they have some breathing space. I'm sure Jon must have got some kind of financial deal from TLC to just suddenly decide it was okay for them to film his kids again; doesn't sound like he has launched himself into any other kind of career to financially support himself or provide for his children. I don't know, I think both Jon and Kate have things they could have done better but I sure like watching those cute sextuplets!

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by LosingMyMindInGA, Jun 04, 2010
I really don't know.  I've never been a fan of the show but the few times I did watch it I thought she was overly bossy and demanding.  But again I've only seen a couple of episodes.  

I'm not sure it's good for the kids to grow up with the kinds of pressures and spot light that goes along with having a TV show.  It's really a very personal decision.  

I do agree with mami that she seems to spend a ton of money on herself.  She doesn't seem affectionate to the kids at ALL.  Ever since she had that surgery to fix her stomach it's like her image is all she cares about.  Honestly, my impression is that the only reason SHE wants the kids is becuase without them she doesn't have the "goods" to make the money. If it weren't for that I have a feeling she would pass them off to Jon as often as possible.

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by specialmom, Jun 04, 2010
Oh.  The show first came out and I was like "no way.  I'm stressed enough and I don't need to watch another family's stress!"  Then they had a "marathon" weekend and I watched and got hooked.  I actually really liked Kate----------  and heck, if I had 8 kids, I might snap at my hubby a little too.  But I thought she was smart and witty.  THEN, by that last season . . . I was uncomfortable just watching.  They should not have gone through with that.  The tension and sore feelings . . . it was painful to watch.  I got the impression then that this was how Kate saw her ability to make a living.  Why else would you put yourself on tv during such a terrible time in your life?  THEN . . . those hair extensions.  Yikes.  I have a problem with those-------  this is NOT Charlies Angels.  And Dancing with the Stars?  Oh Mercy, I can't take it.  And trying to get on any tv show that will have her-------------  now she is crossing over into kooku territory.  So, I think the show is a huge mistake.  She should quietly write books.  But she won't.  She now has champagne and caviar tastes and will go anywhere money is dangled in front of her.  To the detriment of her kids, I might add.  And him????  I wish he could get an earring big enough to cover his face.  Gosh Turkee.  I went off a little, sorry.  I better go get some coffee.  LOL

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Jun 04, 2010
Hahahaha!!!  Hysterical!

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 04, 2010
lmfaoooooo.... he did get those big *** earring he got on like he is 16 again....i deff thought she a a biatch but she does have 8 kids that she watches allll dayyy longggg (atleast back in the day she did).....

i have read all of her books... and i read all the magazines that come out .... and now it seems like her and jon are always in competition to have the kids and to have the better time when they are with the childern....

have any of you seen the kids lately??.... they look soooo grown!!!... the twins faces have changed and hannah ( the cubby cute, mommy's helper) looks different.... they are super cute ...hope they dont turn out to be a oober bicatch like kate!...but maddy (the twin) deff has an attiude on her....

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by tjrox, Jun 04, 2010
I think both Jon and Kate should take a lesson from the Duggers, 19 kids and counting and you never hear them say a harsh word to any of their kids.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 04, 2010
lmaoooooooo thats great!

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by raquelplus2, Jun 04, 2010
i thought kate was a great mom and definately 1 of my role models! ya she was sometimes a biatch but do u blame her? 8 kids would drive anyone off the edge i do act likt tht too with my 3 i can only imagine how hard it was for poor kate. and yes she was always good with them huggd thm loved thm. that was 1 of my favorite shows. kate spends the $ on herself yess but y not? she deserves to freakn spoil herself for a change n do sumin 4 herself to feel good bout herself!! r the kids tooken care of yes are they feed yess does buy them wat hey need n want yess thy live in a house cuz of her! i know exactly how she feels in every which way. shes a great person and a wonderfull mom n jon is the 1 who is a bad person and all the thngs hes dun 2 his family and all those poor kids...even if u dnt see kate out and about with the kids as much thyr at home wt a sitter or school can u even imagine how hard it be to take 8 kids to a grocery store alone!!!! if i had that privilige to go shop 4 food or watevr alone i wd it wd go faster n be a hell of a lot easier bcuz goin wt multible kids n i no is 1 of the most hardest stressful thngs ever alone....

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by turkee23, Jun 07, 2010
so i watched last night....the kids were SUPER excited to see the crew... which is a great thing.....

kate deff looks good, but thats is what a tummy tuck and a personal trainer does for you!..... the kids seemed to happy that they were filming, and that kate was around. Colin made a comment at one point to the camerman saying " come see the basement!!... the dance floor is gone, cause mommy got eliminated!!!!...its back to normal!!!!"... so that deff leads me to believe that she was gone ALOT of the time, and those kids were deff missing her like crazy..... so hopefully she isnt traveling so much without them anymore....

they went to that dolphin cove in orlando.... LOOKS AMAZING!!!.... i have been wanting to go there, will be checking prices today!!..hahaha thats nothing but a 2 hour car ride!!!...

then she had another show about her after that i didnt get to watch much of cause those basketball championships!..GO BOSTON!!! but i have it recorded  on the DVR.... but i did she ALOT of that security guard that she was all over the tabloids with saying they were having an affair..... why is he doing interviews??...odd... will watch again later!!...

did anyone watch?

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by flmagi, Jun 07, 2010
I don't really watch the show, but have seen it a few times, and of course you can't help but read about them everywhere you look. What I do know, is when Kate & Jon broke up, Kate cried poor mouth, big time. So that's great she's making money now, but instead of spending all that $$ on tummy tucks, hairs extensions etc, she should be putting it into savings to support those kids when her fame runs out.....and it will. If she was such a good mom, she'd think of all those kids future. The money isn't gonna be there forever.

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by penswriter, Jun 07, 2010
i couldn't stand jon and kate plus 8 and i have no interest in kate +8. i don't like either of them and i honestly think they're just using their poor kids to make money. it's a shame and shame on them.

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Jun 07, 2010
well actually tlc payd 4 her tummy tuck years ago thy did a show on it way way back n she actualy has accounts for all the kids to go to college thts lockd up and safe her n jon mentoned that alot of times so did thyr lawyers.the kids future is def safe n secure...kate is a smart women she knows wat shes doing for her family as a single mom of 8. and i applad her 4 that  GOO KATE!!

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 07, 2010
yea i dont find kate to be doing anything that bad either.... she has 8 kids... she didnt pay for the tummy tuck or her hair extensions... they were put in for free.....most of the things they do or the places they go are paid for.... you dont see her driving aorund in new bentleys or anything crazy.....

i deff think the kids future is sure its paid also on team kate!

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by narla, Jun 07, 2010
I have always loved the show as for Kate only being interested in her body image the tuck was paid for and don't forget Jon had hair implants.If I had 8 children I'd be doing what I could to earn extra money,and as far as I can see the children love doing the show,plus they get to do things that they never could have afforded without the show.
Good Luck and Best Wishes to the whole family.


996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Jun 07, 2010
exactly!! iwish i cud do a show lol. good for her for tryn to find work to support her kids. unlike jon livn off the free bees...hes the 1 evry1 shld slam not poor kate

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 08, 2010
kate deff has her bitchy side... but it makes for great

yea jon is just a loser... you barley see him anymore on tv tho... unless he switching girlfriends, or getting a new apt in a city

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Jun 08, 2010
ya she does  but wat women doesnt rite?? lol. plus allllll shes gone thru i can see y shes bitchy shes bitter n i understand cause iam too...ya u dnt see jon o more thank god.. way bak he used to be a great dad n husband but people change man...sadly...i did watch most of the show bout kate n she cried a few times cause wat people say n how they judge her. if i cud be her friend i would cause we can relate. n i do feel bad for her

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