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Moving feeling for past 2 months

Jun 10, 2016 - 0 comments

I had a mild case peumonia 3 months ago and was treated for it with antibiotics and was fine. After a few days i developed severe diarrhea and was fine again then 2 3 days after that i was unable to sleep properly due to my exams. On the last day of exam i was tired and thought that should have a few drinks and sleep which would fix my schedule of sleep. Next day when i woke up i noticed something strange that when i was walking i felt as if i was walking on a water bed of a moving train kind of feeling which started about 1 month after my pneumonia i didn't think about it much and after about 10 days i was fine again  and i tried a few drinks again nothing happened this time and i was happy it wasn't because of alcohol then after 7 days i again had a few drinks and slept next day i again started with this feeling.In the comming daya this feeling worsened and i got weak legs too and a feeling of moving or floating was there when i used to sit or lye down but it wasn't too bad as was my walking so went to my psychiatrist(as i had anxiety and panic attacks earlier) he recommended vitaminD3      
AndB 12 to be checked my vitamin d was very low at 8 and down.min B12 high  at around me and everyone else thought is was because of vitamin D deficiency that i was having weaknes,fatigue,that shakky feeling.Then started my vitamin D supplement at 60k iu perweek and with calcitriol and some stuff. After about 20 days symptoms were still there so decided to go to an ENT who said could be due to pneumonia that i have an enfection in my ear canals altough my ears looked fine and MRI of the brain was normal. So he suggested some medicines for the same and some vertigo exercises at the same time my symptoms began improving i could walk properly and very little feeling of shaking or floating was there when i was sitting or  
Lying down i thought this was due to the ENT medicines and was happy about the diagnosis. After 2 3 days i started with new problem that i couldn't sleep properly and for long hours at a stretch and would wake up in between my sleep and that i didn't have a deep sleep and the worst part was i was due to an intense d
Feeling of floating and moving and as soon as i open my eyes i feel better by tired due to lack of sleep. I also started taking antianxiety medication as my psychiatrist thought it would help but after 10 days on them they have done little except stop my panic attacks. So it would be really nice if someone could help me  
With my problems as it has been almost 2 months of shaking and floating although my walking has improoved
But my sleep and floating feeling just before i wake up is very bad. And when i am reading or doing anything else or driving car i don't feel that movement as soon as i become still and try concentrate on it it becomes significant.
Can vitamin D deficiency cause all these symptoms or is it something else?

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