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I HATE MY DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 04, 2010 - 10 comments

He is 150 years old. He has no bedside manner. He does not want to hear anything from you - AT ALL! The little *hithead said IN FRONT OF MY HUBBY (AS A WITNESS) at our last appt to discuss what we would be doing in the future in regards to treatment, that although he did agree or think the Lovenox would help with my homozygous MTHFR (because he thinks it is a crock of poo and doesn't actually EXIST!) he would give it to me. Discussed that I would need to be monitored etc and although he doesn't agree with it, it was relatively safe to give. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, I call my nurse todayto ask her if she put in the script and she says (I SWEAR) "Oh, he didn't call you, did he?" WTF? Uh, no he didn't. So, I sit on hold for a sec and he comes on in his awful monotone old dude voice., "Well, uhm, well, I , uhm, well, uhm, I don't think the Lovenox is a good idea. I haev three articles on my desk stating it has NO effect at all on miscarriages. Blah, blah blah. " I FREAKING LOST IT! I was a sobbing crazy mess! I told him he should have told me this before I started this cycle! Then I said "If you told me it would help me get pregnant to CHOP MY LEG OFF, I WOULD!" He kept saying "I don't want to do anything dangerous"....uh, you told me a month ago this was relatively safe, so NOW it is suddenly CRAZY DANGEROUS! WTF? ARE YOU NUTS!? So, after losing my mind, him back pedaling and "uhm"-ing me to DEATH, he agreed to try it "this time". Great......whooptie flippin doo. So what now? He said he was going to call it in but I am still waiting for him to call back and change his mind again! I know he is going to do it - he is going to probably stop seeing me as a patient because I DARE QUESTION HIM! HOW DARE I?!!! So, after my horrendous breakdown of gigantic proportions (after I got off the phone, thank GOD - mind you, I was only slightly hysterical on the phone with him) I am now physically and mentally drained. I told DH, I can't do this to myself anymore. I just can't take the stress, the misery of losing babies, the misery of watching people we know get preggo (WHO SHOULD NOT!!!!) and the financial strain of it all. I just think I am done. I literally can not take it anymore. My sanity is in question anyway at this point. I just want to be happy and healthy and I am not any of that on these meds. I hate that evil little troll man. You don't screw with MEDICALLY HYPED UP HORMONAL WOMEN - does he have a deathwish? SERIOUSLY!?AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Jun 04, 2010
Doctors supposed to act as agents for their patients.   He works for you!  Keep bugging him till he provides you with care you need.  Also, find another doctor!  Vote with your feet!!!!

1219580 tn?1297218139
by tryingfor6years, Jun 04, 2010
Wow.... I don't even know what to say. I would DEFINITELY find a new dr and one that is very familiar with MTHFR and had success in treating it. With all the money we pay for IVF etc, you need to get the best shot you can get. Good luck!!

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Jun 04, 2010
I agree with trying to find another doctor.  My fertility doctor was wonderful to me and took everything I asked in to serious consideration and always answered my questions with care. I definitely agree that since you are paying for your treatment you should get a better shot then what he is giving you! I hope you feel better soon!

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Jun 04, 2010
1 hr
I think it's time you find a new RE! This guy sounds old school and out of date! You do not need this added stress and you deserve to be with a doctor that communicates with you! You need to find a new innovative RE! That's why I switched from my old RE... he was doing 2 day transfers! No One does those anymore!!! We have to be our own advocates! I do not blame you for being frustrated and *issed! I would be too! There is so much new technology out there and Doctors who are willing to use it. I am soooooo sad you are dealing with this!!

Also, I just read that you have had two m/c's and 2 d&c's. Has you RE done a sonohysogram or a hysteroscopy to determine if you have any scare tissue in your uterus from these? I had never heard of that before, but I had a d&c over 20 years ago (m/c), and in Oct of 09, I was diagnosed with Asherman's Syndrome (scarring from the d&c). It caused my m/c in july of 09 and I am going in to have 1 band that has re-occured removed. I was just wondering because it doesn't sound like your RE thinks outside the box much... and the scarring could prevent your embies from attaching. It is the most underdiagnosed infertility problem. Just a thought???   My scaring is in the fundus of my uterus which is where the embie implants, and could only be seen my the sonohystergram and the Hystersonogram....

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by Kricket212, Jun 04, 2010
I actually had the same exact conversation today with my RE although I already have my prescription from a hemotolgist (Blood Dr)  When I found out I had MTHFR I went to one on my own.
Now, What do I do.???   RE says No not to take it & Hemotolgist says Yes, heres a confused.

334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Jun 04, 2010
Wow you need a new RE says he doesnt believe in MTHFR either, that there isnt enough evidence to support it..or something like that..he did test me for that and all other things, but my tests were all normal..

330481 tn?1309488243
by scienceteacher79, Jun 04, 2010
I already went to the other RE in town - she never got my E2 above 250! This RE at least has my E2 skyhigh! And to add insult to injury, the only other RE that is anywhere near me (2.5 hrs away) has his monitoring done at my REs office. So, I would see the JERK anyway! ARGH!!!!!!!!

I have had an HSG - that is the only way I would know my right tube is blocked but haven't had anything else done. He has never even suggested any other things. I think he is in "old mans land".

Well, he actually called in the script, so I ran and picked it up as fast as I could before he took it all back!!!

I don't know if I need to see a hemotologist - who all sees one? And does it help?

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Jun 04, 2010
was your HSG before your m/c's or after?  The scare tissue wouldn't be there until after, if there is any.. Probably there is not, but I am just trying to think of everything here.  Alot of doc's don't even think to check for the scarring after a d&c, but it causes A LOT of fertility problems (as I am finding out) as in implantation, and m/c's I guess a couple of signs to look for with that is decreased flow of mensus, and your uterus not getting as "thick" as it was before.  I am not sure what MTHFR is, but have heard other people on here with it.  I am not trying to be "pushy" or anything... I just want you to get the best care available! : )  
  My old and new RE are both 2hrs away.... but I drive there for the monitoring because I am doing donor eggs.  I feel bad or you as it sounds like your in kinda stuck where you are. I hope the Lovenox works, and maybe just maybe you could suggest the sono or the HSG as added measure if you have any doubts.


330481 tn?1309488243
by scienceteacher79, Jun 04, 2010
mhv - I don't think youa re being pushy at all! :) I am glad you gave me something to think about. My lining is always super good (14 the other day) and I bleed like a stuck pig when I have my period (sorry - TMI!) so neither of those sound like me but it is still something to think about. Thank you for the suggestion. I always like to hear what others say or think. I may never have thought about it! :) You girls are awesome.

After my little breakdown (little, HA! right!) I left the house and have felt horribly dizzy all day. It feel s like I am drunk without the fun part! hahaha - I don't know what is goin gon. I am only 3dpo, so it can't be pregnancy related but I feel like crapppp!

393893 tn?1283551230
by jjsh44, Jun 05, 2010
You definitely need a new doctor, I just can't believe this.  He shouldn't even be a "doctor" in my opinion.  Also something someone told me once really set in.  Not only are you a patient, but you are A PAYING CUSTOMER.  He is not the one who is supposed to be making the decisions here, you are.  He is supposed to guide you and give you the best care and advice possible, which he is clearly not doing.  I am so sorry.  This is totally ******, I'm shocked.  Try to hang in there.  What a *astard.

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