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I may believe!

Jun 04, 2010 - 0 comments

As i have shown in earlier entries, i am quite confused by my body right now. My nausea has picked up a bit and i feel like i am getting a lot of discharge now. Almost like its always there. My headaches are back in full swing and my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Being on the computer and reading stuff has started to make me feel motion sick. My emotions now feel like they are amplified. Its very hard to control them. I have also noticed an increased dislike of random smells. I hope my test is positive before the HG hits me , because with the way i am feeling right now its not if, just when i get it. My body has completely different reactions to things now. Especially stress, i feel horrible the day after a stressful day just like i did with my first pregnancy. Has anyone ever had a strong reaction to something like getting their eyebrows waxed? That was so weird and my hair has hardly grown back. I usually have two forests on my head!

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